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Friday, January 4, 2013

i create

I have been really annoyed with our lack of a "system" for the girls to have their hair pretties in a nice arrangement. Easy to see and grab. We have tried random things I owned, but none made me happy. So this past week I took a old frame that was in my storage room and wrapped twine around it going both directions. 

twine I used.

the frame and twine.

the finished product.

I decided to hang in the bathroom next to Kiyah and Zion's room above the towel rod. Perfect spot, considering they have baths etc in here. Here is a before shot below.

and after! Doesn't it look awesome. Someday I will get rid of the boring beige on the walls.

Some of the hair pretties were hanging over this bowl on the counter. ugly.

After Shot of the clean counter! AMEN.

I have an obsession with trays in pretty much every room in our house. Here is my bathroom tray.

I got it at TJ MAXX and have kleenex, q tips/cotton balls in the stainless steel containers from Target. I have foot and hand cream. a clock from Hobby Lobby. and the candle. This bathroom gets used for guests too. So I like to have items for them to use.

Pix of the pretties in their glory. I used mini clothespins from Michaels.

More change..I added some new art and pix in the girls rooms. I have photo collages/galleries in many spots in our house. In Zakiyah's room, I hung her t shirt stretched art with her pictures above the crib. The art says, "we look out for each other" with a big lion and little lion. aka Zi and Ki!

I also updated pictures in the frames. The photography is done by friends of ours. LOVE.

Some pictures of the sister love. Kiyah was 7 days old in these. Precious.

Kiyah was hanging out when I was taking these! Hi bubbas.

Back in December, Zion made this painting with Aunt Katie for Zakiyah's room. We love it. I finally hung it up.

How cute is the little rocking horse? I got it as a baby gift from my dear friend, Marissa. It is so special.

In Zion's room we added her art work that she painted in the top left. It is in a vintage frame from my Grandma Cherie. I love it. Zion is amazing at art. just sayin' We also hung up the Barney loop art from Christmas. Zion is obsessed with Barney and that stinkin song. But, it is so cute when she runs up to us and hugs and kisses us with the song. It can't get any cuter.

I have really enjoyed decorating their rooms. I love the youthfulness and vibrancy of their rooms. We still have some stuff to do in Zi's room....with time....money and energy. :)

A while back I made 2 canvases for our main floor 1/2 bath. I wanted something bright and fun. I painted streaks of bold colors with acrylic paint. Then stenciled on the verse:  The Lord will fight for you. You need only be still. AMEN.

Here is it is hanging in the bathroom.

A close up of the hoop art. Simple. Makes my Zi Pie happy..end of story.

When driving to see Andy's fam last weekend I made some hoop art for the ladies. I used fabric from my friend Jody. It is adorable! I love it. I just stretched the fabric/burlap and cut a felt heart and hand stitched it.  Have you been making anything with hoop art?

I thought would throw this picture on too. Sister helping sister. Kiyah cut a tooth on New Years day and has been loving her teething toys. Zi has been my little helper. Bless her heart. Hope you are having a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Round 2

Christmas has come and gone. I am in the slump of missing the holidays. It brings me such joy planning and organizing traditions for our family of 4. I love how magical the holiday is. We started some new traditions this year....hoping to bring the magic and celebration to our home annually during this wonderful season. 

Some traditions: 
- Read Christmas stories daily from post Thanksgiving-Christmas. We read a Advent book every night at bedtime with Zion/Kiyah this year. We will bring it out every year. 

- Go Christmas light looking/ do a Scavenger Hunt for Christmas lights. We went with our friends this year and had Christmas lights in the van and everything. We made popcorn "pop-pop" and got yummy holiday drinks and Hot Chocolate for the toddlers. It was Zi's first and she loved it. She said, "Dis so yummy Mommy. Tank You." We cruised around for almost 3 hours looking for blue icicle lights, manger scenes, Rudolph, Mickey Mouse, Santa etc. It was a blast. 

- Make Jesus a birthday cake- this year we made Cake Pops on Christmas Eve.

(watching the movie with my girls....)

- Buy the girls Christmas jammies and a new Christmas movie to watch. This year we bought Santa Paws, it has been playing too much in the Cass Casa. 
- Make cheesy potato soup on Christmas eve 
- go to Christmas Eve service at our church.
- For gifts we did a new thing...The girls got 5 gifts from us: something they need, want, wear, read, and homemade. I thought it was a fun way to keep the gifts thoughtful/simple. 
- For the last gift, we put a string on the tree that Zion had to follow through the rooms of our house to her big present. We hid a bike in the bathtub:) She loved it. 
- Decorate the girls room for the holidays. 
- pick out gifts (toys the girls have) and give them to a friend. "It is better to give than receive".

- and of course, there were lots of crafting and baking around here. What are your traditions?

Zi/Ki on Thanksgiving...so presh.

 our little buddy.

making Reindeer art with Kiyah's feet.

Zion making a Christmas tree with her hands.

the finished product.

 I caved and let the girls meet Santa. We have the best Santa in our mall. I used to do his hair back in the day. Zion told him, "I want Dora and Kiyah wants Barney." well, right. :)

Christmas eve pix of our family. I loved the girls dresses....I got Zion's last year at Gap-Clearance. Kiyah's is from TJ Maxx to match sister pie.

headbands are Etsy.

Jammies.... the girls playing in our bed on Christmas eve. love.

got them monogrammed plates on Zulily. the best.

Zi holding her grandma dolly.

 Zion and I got new hair pretties.

Christmas day we headed over to Red Wing for some celebrating with my family. We had a great time with good food and relaxing. The grandkids couldn't wait to open their gifts. Aunt Chels got Kiyah a matching bag from LL Bean like her sisters. I love these.

Andy and I got my parents "pop phones" for their IPhones. They are retro and great.

On the 28th, we headed over to Stevens Point to hit up some Cass time. We had Lasanga and celebrated Uncle Mike's bday. It was fun. Zion, once again, loved the presents.

Katie and Zi.

Grandpa Jim

Unky Ryan and Grandma with the girls.

Zion was pumped to get dvd player for our car rides. Halleju-. I am happy.

We are blessed. Blessed to have our Savior. So thankful for having Jesus in our lives.
Blessed to have a healthy family and amazing parents/sibs on both sides.
Blessed to be able to celebrate freely Jesus' birthday.