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Friday, August 16, 2013


This week has been crazy! It has been really busy with work, travel, and social time. I got to go up to a friend's cabin to celebrate my sister's bachelorette weekend! A group of girls all gathered in honor of Chelsea! We ate great food, had lots of sun time, boating, jet skiied, and relaxed! 

Us girls on the dock-- pre boatin
We hit up a local tavern in the evening called Mavericks for some pool/jutebox and a entertaining time. I had fun listening to some Shania Twain, Journey, and Marshall Tucker Band. Classic.

Laura, our hostess, bought these for all of us to use for the weekend. We wrote notes with sharpie markers on them too! 

Breakfast on the deck.

Chelsea's nickname is "Goose", and her man's is "Bird"! Les made this fabulous viel for our night out!

super attractive pix of us jumpin. 


When I got home on Sunday, we had some of the teens over from youth group. (my hus is a Youth Pastor)  I love hanging out on Sunday nights around the camp fire! 

I had a festive week at Tala. New thing that I am doing now.......... Trading fish for haircuts! Our friends, just got back from Alaska, and brought us fish! Halleju!

My client, Shawna, has been growing out her hair for a while now. I took 5 minutes showing her this easy and fast style as an alternative to putting it in a pony tail. I took 5 sections and twisted them in buns and secured each bun with 2 bobby pins. Check back every Wednesday for Lock Love Wednesday for ideas on hairstyling! Follow me on Instagram as well! #locklovewed and #locklovewednesday

I got to watch my 3 year old nephew this week. It was lovely! Our kids play so well together. Lots of playing outside and using our imaginations. Big sis is pushing my baby here. love. 

Zion on her last day of swimming lessons.

I am finishing up my daughter's dollhouse! I am using this paper as wallpaper! We are giving it to the girls for Zakiyah's 1st birthday. I can not wait!!!!! We are celebrating this weekend. I am so thankful for my daughters. There has been some heavy stuff this week with two car accidents. People who have lost their lives. I have been deep in thought/prayer and reflection. 

Holding my daughters extra tight.
Thanking Jesus for my blessings. 
My heart goes out to my friends that are grieving and remembering Andrew and Darron. 
Life is a gift.

Have a blessed day. 
Thanks for stopping by.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

LLW- Tala peeps

Happy Wednesday everyone! I started Lock Lock Wednesday to get myself motivated to style my hair everyday. It is so easy, for even hair stylists to get in a rut with their hair. I am hoping to inspire you along the way with simple and fun techniques to help you look fabulous! Join me along the way. It will be fun! All you have to do is take snapshots of your hair during the week and link up with me below! 

I was lazy this week...... lots of air drying....lots of high buns. Sorry, it's summer. I must take advantage. But, I had fun at Tala. I colored Katie's hair after a 8 + month break :) We foiled in two colors:  a mahogany brown and a espresso brown. I love how it added depth and dimension. I used the Moroccan Oil Hydrate shampoo, conditioner, oil and Awapuhi shine spray. It looks amazing and healthy!

For my friend, Amanda, I did a overhaul. We highlighted her hair with bleach! I did a double foil, and painted her regrowth with a hi lift blonde to break her base. I used a cool tone red on her bottom/nape to give it depth and funk it up a bit. We also got crazy and gave her fringe for fall. I love how it turned out! 

Join me and show off your locks! 
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Friday, August 9, 2013


Every Friday, I link up with Jeanette and Lauren to share with you some of my weekly highlights! It has been a chaotic/lovely/blessed week. We have been celebrating my birthday/ our anniversary this week! 

Every Thursday, our city of Rochester, puts on a Thursdays on First celebration. It is a favorite of ours to hit up the local vendors for art and food. This past week, Chastity Brown performed an amazing show that we got to watch. The girls loved it. We ate local popcorn and took in the evening. 
This past weekend, i headed over to Red Wing for a quick jaunt to see my family. It was River City Days in my hometown. We dug out my sisters and my old bikes for our kiddos, had a bonfire, boated (for an hour......my baby was not having it), went to a parade and enjoyed the weekend! 

Aunt Chelsea and baby Kiyah. She was over the life jacket. 

Grandma Beege and Zion

Kiyah discovered the crayola markers this week.....need I say more.......

OBSESSED.....is an understatement of my lovely and perfect mantel right now! I got the bunting from my BFF for my birthday. She is selling it over at her shoppe! The sunflowers, orange frame with Katie Daisy art, and mercury glass were  birthday gifts.

I find that 90% of my pictures of my daughters are in the morning. So PRESH.

 My Hus and I celebrated my 32nd birthday on Monday by going out of town on a HOT DATE. It was perfection. He had babysitters lined up, dinner planned and I loved every minute of Andy time. Needed. Appreciated. Loved. It was a fun night for us. I think this was my 12th birthday that I have celebrated with him. Time goes too fast. It was our 8th wedding anniversary on 8/7 too. We are waiting to celebrate in a month of so. We must spread out our dates :) But I am thankful and blessed by this man. 

Zinnias ++++ my fav

I want to plant a ba-jillion of these next summer. Seriously, I can't get over how much they make me happy. That and coffee......and Jesus......and my family.......and freshly painted nails.....and a clean car.....and a fully stocked fridge......and clean babies after baths.......and the sun shining on my skin.......and..........thats enough for today........

Happy FRIDAY! I am off to celebrate my sister's bachelorette weekend! Loves.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

LLW -- Special Occasion Hair

Happy Wednesday everyone! I started Lock Lock Wednesday to get myself motivated to style my hair everyday. It is so easy, for even hair stylists to get in a rut with their hair. I am hoping to inspire you along the way with simple and fun techniques to help you look fabulous! Join me along the way. It will be fun! All you have to do is take snapshots of your hair during the week and link up with me below! 

This week, I thought it would be fun to share with you some special occasion/fancy hair! I got to style hair for my cousin's wedding this past weekend! I did 8 women's hair. It was a blast to have them all over and go to town with hairspray and bobby pins. I always try to create different styles for each person. 

Above:  I took the hair and curled it with a 1" curling iron. I back combed the crown area and did a messy bun with pins. I sectioned out the front of the hair and braided it on each side, then stretched the braid across the top of the bun and pinned away. I love how it turned out!

Above is the bride, Krista. I actually used extensions in her hair to add thickness and length. We curled her hair and back combed a lot. I did a braid along her nape and pinned it all into a messy pony/bun. I love how it turned out. vintage. stunning. gorgeous. and romantic.

For this style, I took hair and curled for prep. I then did 3 buns looping them into a double bun. So essentially, it looks like 6 buns. Isn't it cute? I like the simplicity of this look.

For Atley's hair, I did lots of braids. It is fun and youthful. I swept it up to the right for a feminine look. I love how it looked on her.

This photo is blurry but it is the only one I got. I used extensions here and curled a lot! I love how this style turned out. it is on the mother of the bride. Classic and timeless.

Do you have any favorite ways to style hair lately? 
Join me below by linking up or follow my instagram and use #locklovewed and #locklovewednesday

Happy LLW!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dollhouse update!

We are getting so excited for our dollhouse to be done! Andy has spent many hours on it for our girls. I first shared with you about it here! He ended up going with 4 rooms + a loft! It is all ready for me to paint and personalize the space now.........my favorite part.

This morning, I let the girls play with it. Zion and Zakiyah are going to have a blast with it. I am so excited, just thinking of the hours spent using their imagination with their dollhouse. 

It is going to be Kiyah's first birthday gift (8/20) from us. We thought it would be really meaningful and fun for her. I am going to hide the dollhouse until it is presented to her on her birthday once I start the painting! 

I love the siding. I love how Andy used a organ from our church. It has so much character and charm to it.

I have been slowly collecting pieces for it to furnish it. I am really excited to create some pieces for it!

Do you have a dollhouse? Are you working on any projects for your kiddos right now? I am so excited to share with you the finished project......If you have any ideas for me on design, please share! 

Happy Tuesday!