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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Shalom Gold Polka Dots! Welcome to my home!

Today, I entered the world of decals! Halleju! Oh my word. Best invention ever. Screw stencils and wallpaper. Check out my space before here! In one hour I transformed my dining room to this!

Say hello to Gold polka dots! Amen and Amen. No ruler. No laser. I winged it…Christy style. I scored these bad boys for under $20- I mean, are you kidding me? I love it!! They are 3" circles. My favorite websites are urban walls and four walls! I got these at Brickyard Buffalo for a killer deal from four walls.

Now that my dining room looks like a million bucks- the rest of my main floor is CHAOS from my little monsters! Zion did try and help her mama. :)

Originally, I was going to sharpie marker this space with a gold pen design. But, I love this! 

What do you think? I am in love. It is kinda like tattoos. Now, I want to decal every room. JK Hus. 

Have you decaled a room?! I love having these in the Dining Room……..Who says polka dots only belong in a kids space?! 

Monday, January 13, 2014

my WORD for 2014

I love the idea of having a word that represents your year- a new years resolution in ONE WORD. So, for 2014, I have been mulling over my word. I have never done this before, but thought it would be fun and challenging for me. I am a dreamer. a list maker. a idea person. I like to start strong and then crash. It is the Sanguine and Choleric in me……..excuses…… But this year, I want to stick with this word.

to STOP.

That is my word. I said it. I painted it. I get to stare at it everyday.

A reminder…….
to get my act together.
to control myself.


My HUS preached last Sunday, on OBEDIENCE. You can listen to it here! It is good!!! The message grabbed my heart. I want to be obedient. I want to prioritize my life according to what I know is right. I want to make an impact on the world around me….especially my husband and children.

When he was preaching, he had some time at the end of service for people to respond and write down what God was telling people. God spoke to me. STOP!

Stop yelling. This one is hard. I am a reactor. I yell. I spaz. I get mad in the moment. Too many days are spent with me apologizing to my kids for my reaction. And Why is is easier to apologize to my kids verses my husband. I am sorry for this. I want to think things through. Walk away and process……before yelling. Like this morning, My one year old tipped over a huge fern and table in my living room….dirt everywhere. broken table. She didn't know…….I chose not to yell…….baby steps.

Stop making excuses for my personality/life/schedule.

Just do it. Make it happen.

Read the word. Pray more. Be the woman I am created to be.

…This one is hard…..Stop spending…..GULP. Stop being materialistic. {P.S. I want to barf just writing this.} Stop obsessing over things that don't matter. This is hard for me on so many levels. I love to decorate, rearrange, shop, dream, make lists of things I want. I love creating….and using my talents. But, there is a balance that needs to happen in my life. My family has goals……financially. I need to be obedient and follow God and my husband's lead. Here we go. Say a prayer…...

and lastly, Stop! Just stop. Breathe. Take in the moments and reflect. Be thankful.

We had a little painting party this morning to craft it up.

I used watercolor paper by Kids Made Modern (target) and Zion's, Melissa & Doug watercolor paints. I hung the art on the clip board above my computer in my living room.

Do you have a word? How do you want your 2014 to look? What would your word be? I would love to hear….. we are in this together! 

Friday, January 10, 2014

CassLIFE // weekly recap

January is a funny month. 
It is a season of purging. organizing. cleaning. resting. staying in. cuddling. baking. and dreaming of somewhere warm :) 
This past week has hit record lows in temps and wind chills. Minnesota hit -40 or so BELOW  in wind chill. Closing schools and keeping me indoors. So the Cass fam made lots of forts, baked some sweets, and had a lot of craft time. 

I am the queen of eating sweets….like 6 cookies in a day and then juicing 2 times to balance it out. Anyone else with me here? :)

I have been in a random kick of throwing random concoctions together for meals. This is pulled chicken, cooked carrots and broccoli and feta cheese. It was actually really good ;) 

The ladies are loving their fort. Many hours planing in here. Zion has been extra dramatic lately. Doesn't want to brush her teeth, because the toothpaste is too spicy. Refuses to let me pick out her outfit or hairstyle for the day. Bed time routines taking extra long. She is loving working on her preschool books and identifying letters and numbers! Zi wants a play day everyday with friends. Zakiyah is into EVERYTHING. Every drawer/basket/cupboard. Still brushing her teeth 4-6 times a day. She loves dogs and makes the most hilarious noise (panting) for doggies. Both girls love "What does the Fox say?" for songs. They are obsessed with oatmeal and fruit snacks. Zakiyah is famous for wearing a lanyard around daily and Zion wears the same headband everyday. 

I love coloring as much as my almost 4 year old. Coloring stickers was a highlight.

Had a great wedding to attend. I did the hair for the event as well! 

My word. I love cuddling my ladies. Soooooooo peaceful and overflows my heart. They love cuddling Andy and I. Zion is famous for crawling into our bed in the early morning to kick and take over our bed. BLISS. 

Andy reading the girls the bible. They love sitting on his lap. They drank their milk, had oatmeal, held spatulas all while sitting on daddy reading about Baby Jesus. So cute.

(I am parked here) I often turn around and see this. This bond. This sisterhood. Zakiyah was napping here too. :)

Started ballet up again. I love peaking and seeing Zi dance around. 

 I can't believe it is 2014. Wow. I have been processing a lot lately on what I want life to look like for this new year. I am going to share with you tomorrow what my word is for the year. Do you have a word? If you missed my 2013 recap- it is here

Happy Friday!

{linking up with Lauren and Jeanett}

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

LLW//Bridal Hair addition

Wednesdays are a fun day at TalaHairLife! I share with you a Hair related post // to inspire you // to challenge you.  I started Lock Love Wednesday, last winter to get my butt in gear and stay on track! 

 Some friends of ours at the dance! Zakiyah leaked through her diaper onto her tights. neat. 

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to style some bridal hair! MY FAV! I styled 4 ladies hair, including the bride. The bride, Missy has been a friend of mine for 9 years now! She is a gem! It was an honor being apart of her day! 

The Mother of the Bride had beautiful natural curly hair! 

I love how Missy's hair turned out! I backcombed every square inch of her head, and used a curl wand to style it. We went with a loose pony tail, and wrapped her hair in a loose loop at her nape. She looked STUNNING!!!!!! 

Missy + I after Hair//Makeup were done! 

2014 is a busy year for bridal hair for Tala. I think I have 14 bridal parties this year! 

Here is a fun Before/After for you! This is Bethany, one of my students at The Gate! We wanted dramatic and bold for the winter! I colored her hair with a rich warm brown! I love it!!!!! 

Happy Lock Love Wednesday!!!!!

Join with me below and link up showing off that hair of yours! Otherwise, Follow me on IG @talahairlife #locklovewed and #locklovewednesday

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


It is no secret, that I love having my fireplace mantel to decorate and switch out decor throughout the year. I shared with you last year my favs from 2012, here. I thought I would put together my themes from 2013 with you today! 

For the Valentines season, I had lots of hearts! I painted a canvas for the season using some good scripture as a reminder of what LOVE is. 

I had made the heart garland the year before with felt and embroidery floss. 

Once daffodils hit Trader Joes, they are in my house non stop! I love that they are under $2 and make my home happy!  I made the scrap bunting too. ( pretty sure, I am obsessed with all garland/bunting)

I love bright colors! 

I scored these paper flowers at West Elm on clearance! I put some moss balls on my cake stand! 

Fourth of July- I had a RED//WHITE//BLUE theme! 

I loved the fall mantels that I did! Noelle (our nanny) made these buntings with Zion! 

Zion painted the kernels! SOOOOO CUTE! 

Christmas essentials:  Glitters/sparkles/lights! 

 Do you have a space that you like to decorate with the seasons?! What is your favorite items to put on your mantel or shelf? 

Happy Tuesday!