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Friday, July 18, 2014

Cass SUMMER Life

Camp. Graduation Open Houses. Bonfires. Sprinklers. Boat rides. Weddings. Bridal Showers. Baby Showers. S'Mores. Sunscreen. Iced Jamaican Coffees. Red White Blue. Chalk. Park dates. Summer is in full effect over here!

Playing catch up……. Summer is crazy. I am naturally so inspired to pick up the camera and document my kids and the day to day life……I love a good summer art/craft project…but man, this computer….not my friend. I avoid it at all costs. With Minnesota seasons, I just can't waste time on the computer….. So here is Casslife in the past month ;) 

Our girls LOVE swimming! It is by far my favorite Summer activity to do with them!!!!! Look at those eyes….sigh…

We got to take my nephew, Ryder a couple of times with us to the pool! Andy "rocked" (rebelled) with a stashe for a few weeks too this summer….. I lovingly referred to him as Randy! 

Zayda Ever Dawn and her mama DDT 

Zakiyah learning to be brave with daddy.

Sprinklers for days……. a morning play date with our pals.

Love the scrunched shoulders going for it.

Lila and Zion are 2 months apart!!!!! They are pretty special. I have been BFF with their mama for almost 15 years now!!!! Crazy town!

a normal picnic in the front yard 

Normal Zakiyah! 

My grandma Cherie is very special to me……….

Current hilarious thing that Zakiyah does…… sings and goes crazy! 

Noelle is the best! She made cupcakes with the girls!!! YUM.

Slip n Slide

Sunday's BEST

 Christy bakes for therapy…..

dance parties all the time……

Daily happenings……. greeting the mailman.

The girls gave their grandpas a pine tree for Grandpa Day! Z/Z helping Grandpa Wayne put it in the ground! We gave Andy apple trees! :)

Andy and I never get sick of seeing our ladies with our parents! It is so special!!!!

BBQ at my mom and dad's 

Zion giving pedis

Park life……. Both our hometowns have mega parks now! So great for the kids!

and…….. my girls are going to have a NEW COUSIN!!!!!! Katie (Andy's sister) and Mike are expecting their first baby in January 2015!!!! They announced it with the girls wearing shirts that said, "Oh snap! I am going to be a big cousin"! 

To say that we are excited is a understatement……. CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!! They are going to be amazing parents! It is going to be a awesome blessing to the cass/bartlett families.

Independence Day parade……. didn't go over the best. Hot. Direct Sun. Lunch time. We lasted almost a 1/2 hour though after collecting 48 tootsie rolls. 

Zakiyah rocking the sunnies from Grandma Loni.

Mike helping Randy with his stashe.

Visits to Wisconsin are amazing….. Lots of outside time! 

Our favs: Belts ice cream, Main Grain Bakery, and Emy J's for coffee!!!!

The trees are out of control gorgeous at my in laws.

QT with grandma in the garden and QT with grandpa on the pontoon.

I never get sick of sunsets on the river…. breathtaking.

lots of cuddles with my blessings.

Zakiyah does NOT like car rides after 2 hours. We pulled over along the road (by a coffee shop)  and played in a field to give them a break! It was needed for all 4 of us…….

Zakiyah getting love from Don. So many people in our life that make parenting easier and loving on our girls 

go cart rides…….

Every July, we take teens to a camp in Alexandria, Lake Geneva! It is the best! My ladies going for a stroll post bath before the night service.

Finally got the girls Elsa and Anna dresses (nip on the loose)

I have the blessing of being on Rec Team 'Merica!!!! Lady Liberty has a blast, lets just say that ;) Crazy times with these fools.

Noelle nannying the girls at camp….. She rocked out 6 days of crazyville. 

This picture- had me crying….. My goal and heart for my ladies to seek Jesus with all of their heart. I pray that they grab ahold of their faith on their own and allow him to speak truth to them! Zion and Zakiyah look up to the Gate kids so much! 

Andy and I got in a fabulous date last weekend! We went to a local fav restaurant and a movie! It was the perfect way to unwind post camp. 

My mom took Zi to a Cinderella play last weekend. Zion loved every minute! "Mommy, Cinderella's sisters were so mean to her!" She is something special!

Ice Cream is my BFF! We played some ultimate frisbee and the stipulation was that I got ice cream after! 

We hosted the pastoral staff for dinner this week! It was great connecting and hearing Bruce tell some funny/"so bruce" stories!

25 turkey tenderloins…NBD

Happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend!!!!