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Friday, August 8, 2014

cass life // cabin and wedding life

We went on our annual cabin getaway with our buddies in Northern Wisconsin (Hayward) It is a Cass fav every summer…..

 life at the cabin is glorious.

sleep. make scrambled eggs and cass cakes.
sip on Jamaican coffee in pottery mugs.
lather up with sunscreen and swimmers itch protectant.
carry mug/towel/sunglasses/ cherries/ books to the beach
watch your kids dig and play and drink lake water (zander) 
eat snacks and make fabulous fresh meals
naps in pack n plays
boat rides with kids stuffed in life jackets
eat brat pizza at a local joint (it was amazing)
go to West's Ice Cream E V E R Y D A Y and get blue moon
bath and ni nights for the littles…….adults fall asleep putting them to bed…..


second borns. need I say more?

always wanting to be naked……

Digging the moat

 The water was crystal clear…. for a lake……. we did, however get swimmers itch nast…..augh

The noises that come out of this one. She is adventurous. 

X + Z having fancy root beer

Love this pix of Xavier! The neighbors had 10 golden puppies ;) They were 4 wks old! 

Does this not scream- Relaxation!?

cutest kids on the block…. I mean "dock" 

What is this biz? Tude for days…..

fam bam :)

getting pizza at our fav place.

fam pix!

West's Ice Cream- amazing!!!!!!!!!

We are in the "I wear 3-4 outfits a day phase". 

getting candy at the local shop! SALT WATER TAFFY!

After the cabin, we headed to St. Paul for a wedding……. Dellwood Barn! Our friends got married, and Andy officiated and I did the bridal party hair. It was a wonderful celebration to be apart of. They were in the NY Times too………. :) 

Barn weddings are stunning.

fun bar area

Jenna was the most beautiful bride!

The sister of the groom (pregs with #5 and sprained ankle and her Hus, Jarrod)

The wood was from our backyard- it is a "Huppa"- the family praying a blessing over the couple…


keeping these crazies quiet during the ceremony was redonk. 

like I said- they were not getting the whole sit down thing.

"George, you may kiss your Dragon" (their first date was at George and the Dragon in MNPLS) 

the girls had a blast at the dance! 

Zion and Noah are less than 2 months apart….. we taught them how to dance. for precious.

Check back on Wed for my LOCK LOVE WED hair posts from the wedding! 

Happy Friday y'all.