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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cass Christmas Recap // Blessed

Playing catch up with ya today from our Christmas festivities……….
It has been a great holiday season for our family, but we also have been slammed with lots of sickness since Thanksgiving…. hence, my lack of posting….been tending to the girls. Still sick here and struggling with fevers and colds…… but, overall we are really blessed.

Zion had a preschool program for Christmas! I loved seeing her sing and perform on stage. She is such a gem.

My fam came over for Christmas cookie baking as well! YUM! Kiyah ate more frosting than actually frosted! Surprise, Surprise….. ;)

Cass Traditions….. Read a lot of Christmas books! We love adding to our collection every year. We have a advent book that we read everyday from December 1-24 as well ;) The kids love it.

Our church as a great tradition of having a "Christmas Unwrapped" service, where our pastors open gifts and share stories behind why it has meaning to them. The kids sing during that service as well! Zakiyah will be old enough next year to participate ;) My family came to celebrate with us! This is my awesome Grandma Cherie sitting with my girls…. one of my heros…..

The chaos!

Our church serves cookies and cocoa and has a photo booth for everyone! (note- the Hus' sweater….)

 4 generations. (my sister is half way through her first pregnancy right now)

We started a tradition of delivering homemade bread to our neighbors for Christmas! The girls loved participating with us to do this! We are trully blessed by all of our neighbors…….. ;)

Pre-delivery pix!

After a crazy month of lots of overtime- Zion and I went on a mommy date. Dunns and Pedis! Love her!!! Her love language is Quality Time for sure! xoxoxoxo

Cass tradition of taking Sunday's Best pix every week! I hope to put together a album of this collection for our coffee table! Do you think they have much personality? I love their outfits! they are from H&M.

Sunday's Best // Christmas Eve edition. The outfits are H&M again…. (Vests are Target)  My little reindeer….sigh

 Z and Z with their buddies! (Kiyah itching away…nbd)

My sister Cara and I 

The girls giving each other love during story time…..

Christmas Eve night, we come home from church and have a family dinner with the nativity scene on our table. We open new jammies and celebrate Jesus' birthday. I made a chocolate bundt cake with eggnog ice cream!

After Andy and the girls go to bed….. I "nest" for Christmas on Christmas Eve. I love that time to finish up gifts, clean, reflect and make it perfect. I stay up way too late (2am) listening to holiday music with the fireplace glistening and soaking in my blessings. I love Christmas. I love what it represents. I love the excitment of my girls and teaching them to give and be generous. I get just as excited as them for the morning……..

 This year, we made a puppet show theater out of our church organ parts. (It got hit by lightning and didn't work anymore) We have used the parts for our dollhouse and our dining room bench. We had the girls start with opening puppets and then had them open the big purple box in our living room!

The signs are chalkboard, so that they can change the name of the show and such. The fabric for the curtains is what we had on hand. I loved this theme for gifts this year, it kept me focused and didn't let me go overboard.

Out of left field, Zion was asking for a barbie house for a month. 3 letters to Santa, and told everyone… I really wanted to surprise her with it, and I scored one for a killer deal used. We hid it in our dining room and the girls followed the string off the tree branch to the big present. ;)

Christmas day we skyped/ facetimed family and put on shows!

Zakiyah holding her monster…

Andy and the girls gave me art supplies…. my fav! Zion and Zakiyah picked out beads for us to make mommy/daughter bracelets. Priceless.

Family selfie in our comfys

embracing the snow…..

coffee and art in my kitch.

love this picture of the girls taking a bath. so cute……..

Happy New Year.