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Monday, September 30, 2013

new Princess light for Zion's room!

Ever since we moved into our home (almost) 3 years ago, I have been wanting to switch out a lot of our lights! Especially in our girls rooms! I am loving Zion's new chandelier "princess" light. I scored it at Lowes a week ago, and have been waiting to catch the Hus at a spare moment to install it! Today is the day, I show you the new light...... HOLLER.

old boob light........goodbye, friend.



 Isn't it the cutest? Perfect for a lil girls room. Romantic. Whimsical. Charming. Enchanting. We went with the oil rubbed bronze look to go with our hardware on the doors! I love how it makes the space! 

 Do you like it? I love it! If any of your are looking for a deal on my boob light...... It is now for sale! $18 bucks baby! 

I have also been on a organizing quick/obsession with our closets. More on that this week! I am praying our organized home lasts......... Please, Jesus. I need sanity. 

Happy Monday.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

fall retreat

Today, I am playing catch up......
We take our Gate kids, every September, to Andy's parents home in Central Wisconsin! 
Ice cream.
Zip lines.


Here are some pix from our weekend..... In no particular order.

Here are some pix from this past weekend of our kids bouncing with friends!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Dollhouse Reveal

I am so excited to share with you the dollhouse that my hus built and I designed! It is so lovely! We have been wanting to build a dollhouse for the girls for a while now and am so pleased with the end result. I posted on the progress here and here. My hus used an old church organ for materials. I painted the dollhouse with acrylic paint and used scrapbook paper for wallpaper. I love the character of the dollhouse! It was Zakiyah's first birthday gift! We have it in her sister, Zion's room for now, since the pieces are little too small at this point for unsupervised play time. 

I used a gray paint for the exterior. (just like our house) and painted the trim a whiteand the roof black. I hope to shingle the roof eventually! I am going to add a door and windows on the exterior too for character. Maybe even house numbers.....

I painted the floors with white paint and used a liquid gold pen creating wood grains. 

I still want to add more things to the walls for art and charm. As for now, I have a mirror (pier 1) above the fireplace and photobooth pix (from a wedding) that I mod podged on cardboard in the dining room. I wall papered the living room and kitchen.

I love the vintage bassinet and dolly from my mom!

The loft is used for playroom/kids bedroom.

going potty. 

I mean, look at those mugs and flatware :)

the fridge.....

Grams kicking her feet up and watching Parenthood.

Isn't that wallpaper so cute? the owls and deer are just too much.....

 I bought the furniture at Amazon- they are Hape.
The dollhouse peeps are Hape. I have been collecting things for the past year for the girls when I saw them on sale on amazon, target and other websites. I love the modern look of it.

What do you think? Have you made a dollhouse before? I love the fact that the girls will have this forever! I love seeing my girls play with this and use their imaginations! Happy Monday!