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Friday, February 28, 2014

Cass Life- weekly recap

21 Fairies.
500+ women's event (2 nights in a row)
12 hour shifts at Tala
4 days without a voice.
car in ditch.
23 lattes/americanos I consumed.
I am tired. 

But, what an amazing week for me! 

I survived with amazing coffee that my friends (baristas) made for our annual Ladies Candlelight Dinner at church! 

Minnesota is lamesauce. I am over the -40 windchill temps- 2 feet of snow in a day- car going in ditch because of 6" of ice on the roads…… Jesus, take the wheel. Thankful we were all safe and didn't get injured or hit anyone.

I squeezed in cuddles with my ladies- needed. 'nuff said.

So, what is the Ladies Candlelight Dinner? It is an amazing event that our church puts on for our community. It is held in our gathering area at church, catered dinner with entertainment and a guest speaker! Every table has a hostess that brings her own tableware/decor. It is eclectic and amazing! I hosted two nights in a row!!! Our theme was JOY and it was the best! I helped with decor and behind the scenes stuff! Worth the time….til next year….

Here is my table this year! 

Last weekend, we had a huge 4th birthday celebration for Zion Leilani! Tinkerbell/fairy themed! How cute are these fairies!? I am going to post monday on the details from the party! My Hus and Zion share a birthday as well! Andy has started the tradition of being CHEF ANDY at our kids parties…… The little girls loved it! Accent and all. Zion was so proud of her daddy. We gave Andy the costume for Christmas this year!

 The little ladies painted fairy houses for a keepsake.

Off to a youth conference! Have a blessed weekend! 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Zion is 4!

Sorry, that I have been MIA from THL. Busy is an understatement. Wow. Tired. Weak. Running from one thing to the next. February is a crazy month for us. Valentines….Andy and Zion's birthdays….birthday parties…Ladies Candlelight Dinner at church….youth conference etc…..crazy times. I am running on E but loving the celebrations. I love planning parties and all…… I have been brewing lots of posts for THL but no time to get it out. ;) 

Today, I am sharing some pix from Zion's party with our family! I can not believe she is 4! What in the world! She is such a doll! I love the little lady she is turning into. I look at her everyday in awe. She is such a big girl now. Here are some pix I rummaged through……….what a beauty.

Her birth announcement. LOVE!!!!!!!! Her birth story is HERE

I still tear up when I look at pictures and share stories about my girls. It is so overwhelming how much love I have for them. I take it foregranted sometimes. I am soooo blessed! I will never forget what it was like holding her right after birth. Listening to Glorious Ruins and tearing streaming down my cheeks, thanking my King for this gift. In an instant, I was a mama to her. My Zion (presence in God). She teaches me grace/patience/love/joy/thankfulness/faith/excitement everyday. 

And then there is the whole sister thing…… my word…… she is such an amazing sister and friend to Zakiyah. 2.5 years age gap….and I am blown away with her love for Zakiyah Nova! I catch them cuddling/holding hands/ playing together constantly. She tells Z everyday that she is her best friend and that she loves her! It is a mother's dream to hear those words….. She teaches sister everything she knows. We are planning on having them share a room soon….. can not wait! 

 and man, is she a DADDY'S GIRL. But, can you blame her? My hus is the best! 

 Zion's favs at 4.
Food: berries. chicken/sweet potato fries. mac'n cheese. carrots and broccoli trees.
Music: What does the Fox say? Running by Hillsong. How to Believe, a tinkerbell song. Let it be Known by Worship Central
Clothes: dress up! Princess attire (jammies/ shirts) headband from Tia
Cartoon: Strawberry Shortcake, Tinkerbell
Activities: ART, playing kitchen and dress up, puzzles.
Zion loves her dollies, blanket from Grandma, Lovies from Auntie Nell

This year, we started a new tradition! For every birthday in our home, we do 5 days! So, 5 days of Zion and 5 days of Andy happened! Everyday, they get something special….whether it is card, or a coffee, or a small gift. We had Zion eat off her "you are special" plate! I love birthdays and making my family feel important/loved/special! It was a lot of fun!

Here are some pix from our celebration with family. We had a Grilled Cheese bar, marshmallows, animal crackers, fruit, chips, and carrots! Random but perfect for a 4 year old. 

Noelle made yummy cupcakes!

Grandpa Jim!

Grandma Beege with the kids.

Love this series 

Zion talking on her Tinkerbell phone from Grandma Loni! 

My mom made this blanket for her- It is now dragged around everywhere ;)

Closing eyes for present that my dad made…..

How cute is that bunk bed for her dolls? PERFECT!

I will post more soon on her Fairy party with her friends! Happy Tuesday!!!! 

Monday, February 17, 2014

5 things….

I thought it would be fun to share with you some random fun things with you today! I scored these modern wood blocks for the girls here! I love that they are upper/lower case letters. We are working on that with Zion. She got to open them today for Day3 of Zion (her bday is Wed.) 

My parents gave Zi this bunk bed this weekend for her dolls. My dad made it for her! Purple is her fav. color. The minnie blanket my mom made her too! She got the owl from Aunt Cindy and fairy from her aunt/uncle. This corner makes me smile……Zion's "orgasized" area! Hilarious.

I am obessed with kantha everything. My cousin, Brit surprised me with this beauty yesterday! It is residing in my Master bathroom. I LOVE IT! 

Over it.

But, what I love it these Sardines playing in our yard. 

How cute is this modern lamp? Love the shade and concrete mix!