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House Tour

Here is our Home! It is a working progress. I love myself a good house project. Welcome to our home! Take off your shoes, grab a blanket & have a coffee and stay awhile! 

This is our home when we moved in. 

and now……

Our backyard- BEFORE.

After welcoming our 2nd daughter, my hus built this fabulous deck during his paterinty leave! We love it. Many memories to be made in this outdoor room.

Living room before.

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen now:

Dining Room Before. pictures of progress, Here and Here

Dining room Progress:

Mudroom Before:

Mudroom:  Progress. (painted)

Laundry room Before:

1/2 Bathroom on Main Floor Before:


The right full wall I used a triangle stamp using black paint!

Nursery Room Before:

Nursery room After. Check out this for more pictures. 

Now the baby's room is a art room/office:

Girls Bathroom Before:

Girls Bathroom:

Zion's bedroom before:

Zion's bedroom Progress:

Stairway/gallery wall Before:


Master Bedroom Before:

Master Bedroom Progress: Read more about it here

 Master Bathroom Before. 

Master Bathroom now:

Basement Stairway Before.

Basement Before:


 Studio Before.

Studio After: More pix here

Studio Bathroom Before:

Studio Bathroom After:

Outside Studio Before:

 Outside Before:


  1. Wow! I love the makeover of the dining room, the table is beautiful. You really did a fantastic job all over the house! It feels like a happy home!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I love my table! It was a surprise for me! My husband did a great job!

  2. Hi Christy! Wow, your home looks amazing. Does Ikea call you for ideas? :)

    1. Thanks for the compliment! I wish IKEA called! That would be fun. :)