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Sunday, August 17, 2014

one of those days

one of those days.
a dam of emotions that i have kept in. not wanting to open/ the burst of water/ the time to deal with it.

lack of patience.
lack of energy.
another migraine.
two little ladies testing me.

raising little human beings is complicated and trying.
mamahood is a crazy ride.

kids. oh my word- kids! I have this saying, i always say to get it together, when my kids are being crazy and i am lacking grace……i say out loud, "quit acting like kids". i makes me laugh saying it. because in reality they are KIDS.

zi is 4.5 years old and kiyah is turning 2 this week. what does this mean?
4.5 year old acting all grown up and responsible.
starting preschool.
being a wonderful big sister to kiyah and sharing her toys.
but, at the same time, struggling with boundaries and listening/obeying her parents. testing the limits. whining. complaining. crying. having break downs. we are in a shift with disciplining and learning what is effective and consistent in our home.
zakiyah, on the other hand, is well the second born. the crazy/ free-spirited/ doesn't care about anything child. she is limitless and very tender-hearted all in one! She is entering toddlerhood and leaving babylife behind her. so in result, there is a big shift going on in our home.

which means MAMA IS LOSING IT! like having melt downs with them somedays. saying ridiculous things that i wouldn't let my 4 year old say.

scene #1 i had the deck all set up for a shower yesterday and had stayed up til 1 am cleaning and washing linens and the hus decided to let the 4 yo eat/drink her smoothie with no lid on the deck, sitting at the clean table….and what happened? the smoothie tipped over. mama lost it.

scene #2 the SB -second born ;) - gets out of car at a park/field of grass and finds the 5 feet of mud and trips and falls in it. mama lost it.

scene #3 every TIME i am driving my car, the girls drop their sippys, loves, babies, snack cups, snacks out of the cup, sunglasses and want me to find it on the nasty crumb filled floor while driving………on their time and WHINE til they get it. not happening sister. not happening……… mama lost it.

there are so many…… my point. is ----- Jesus, take the wheel! give me grace. slap me in the face when i need it. hug me when i need encouragement. rub my tense shoulders. take my hand, and bring me to my bed….or a couch…or the floor for goodness sakes...make me nap. make me a coffee, when i am tired. pep talk me like a good coach does mid game- whisper your truths in my ear when i listening to the lies in the other ear. wipe my tears when i feel weak/lost/alone.

bottom line. i know i am not alone. just having one of those days.

i don't want this space to be a vent session/ or a soap box/ or negative christy being hard on herself. but, i do want this to be a place of being honest and real. open and heartfelt. genuine and bold.

i can't tell you how many people that i follow on instagram/blogs/social media and "follow" them to be inspired/encouraged/ or even just curious of their lives/homes/families/careers. but, it ends up bogging me down or giving myself the comparison game…or making me want things. life has been feeling really loud to me lately.

summer is such a blast and i come alive in this season. but, i am tired. i want to say "no" to things/events/commitments. i want to rest….. like actually take naps and not feel guilty. i want to prioritize  and keep my life "simple" and "open for play".

it isn't easy to say no. because ultimately, i care. i want to see people. listen and connect. i want to serve. i want to host. i want to be a friend/sister/daughter/mentor.
how do you draw these lines?
am i the only one that struggles with this? there are so many books/articles/posts that i have read on balance/schedules/life/mamahood/parenting/discipline/faith/priorities but what is the perfect concoction for me?

my priorities
my faith/ my hus/ my girls
my career/ health/ ministry/ family etc.

the list of other items is so long……….

today is a day where i am dealing with the stuff.
sifting through all of my web of emotions.

i need to give my husband and girls - my all. not the leftovers.

as summer is closing, i am anxious for fall.
new season. new schedules. new beginnings.
i am excited for fall- trying to have more of schedule that works for my family. i am starting a bible study called SEVEN by Jen Hatmaker. I can not wait. it will take me on a 7 month journey of eliminating different things in my life out month by month. I am hoping it will help shape me into the woman God has created me to be.

kind. patient. joy filled. loving. nurturing. reliable. passionate. trustworthy. healthy. balanced.

it is raining right now.
i feel like it God washing over me with his grace.
thank you Lord for this reminder.

tomorrow is a new day.
i will start new.
hope in my eyes.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Getting myself some curb appeal!

Curb appeal is a funny thing! It makes such a difference, and I tend to be obsessed with going on walks or drives and looking at homes for inspiration. Curb appeal tends to be put to the back burner for home owners often times with so much to do on the inside. This is our 4th summer living in our home and I have been begging the Hus to landscape and make our yard "us"! This summer, we started the process. Our buddies were here from Florida back in June, and Cordie took on the project with me! We used rocks from my friends house, that is being built across the street and mulch from our neighbors wood chipper! I used plants from friends and hit up the local green houses! 

This is what our house looks like now! It is a working progress, but I feel much better about it! Having people over ALL THE TIME with ministry/friends/clients for the studio, it means a lot to me to have our house feel WELCOMING! 

This is the house when we were looking at it back in 2010.

This is last summer after I painted the door for the second time.

and now……

I am excited to see the perennials grow and bloom every year. 

My kids are always apart of the pictures :)

I couldn't have done this without our friends! THANKFUL! I planted lots of ground cover, lavender, baby's breath and fun variety of pine. 

Still on the the curb appeal list of dreams: 
window boxes (white)
corbels of some sort in the peaks
hardware on the garage doors

my lavender. favorite scent ever.

Wouldn't a window box and shutters just be perfect?! 

 We almost took out these 3 rose bushes in the Spring. We thought for sure they were dead. I am so happy they survived! Amen for rose food! 

What color shutters do you think I should do? Colonial yellow? Rust? a blue? or dark grey? 

Happy Thursday friends!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

LLW // Before + Afters // Wedding Edition

Happy Lock Love Wednesday! I started LLW to keep this hairstylist accountable. It is so easy to get in a hair rut and not style my own hair! I have fun sharing with you anything Hair related! Today, is Before + After day! Join with me below and link up and show off your styling techniques or beautiful hair! Follow me on Instagram @ talahairlife #locklovewed and #locklovewednesday 

In the summer months, I typically air dry my hair everytime I wash it and go with a quick 5 min. style. I love twisting it back to get it off my face and give it a little style! 


 Alex had gotten an all over tint months back and wanted something bright! I colored in lighter blonde tones and trimmed up her ends! She looks gorgeous!

Bri was ready for a drastic inverted bob! I love this look on her! We colored in 3 shades to add depth and dimension! 

Lindsay is a fellow hairstylist buddy of mine! She chopped her locks off back in May and was ready for a drastic color change. I colored it all over with a high lift bleach and toned it with a ash! I cut her hair with a undercut and "funked" it up a bit! She is a babe!

 Alison has amazing hair that is also stubborn! She was blonde for a good year and we have been migrating over to the red/brown family again. I colored her hair with caramel and auburn foils and painted in between with a rich brown copper! I LOVE IT! She wants to rock long Victoria Secret hair……..we are the road for that ;) 

I forgot to get a before of Lauren's dry hair. She just got her first teaching position and wanted a fresh look for Fall. I cut her hair up 3" + and it looks lovely! She had me ombre it in the Spring, and we wanted to still have enough length to rock the color a few more months!

Kim has amazing low maintenance hair! She comes in every 6 months and we wanted to bring up her foils a bit. I used two shades of blonde/caramel and painted it in at different heights! I cut her hair to be a long bob! She is smokin'!
 It is back-to-school season at Tala! Love Lucas and Jonas' cuts! CUTIE-PIES.

 Sarah has amazing hair! I freshened up her base with a rich dark brown and brightened up her ombre! She looks amazing! 
Jessica is getting married next week and wanted to do a rich all over brown! She has amazing shiny hair to work with! I love how full her hair looks now! She is going to be a stunning bride! 

 (Matron of Honor/ the sister)

// lots of weddings this season //

(Mother of the Groom)

I had fun with this bridal party for many reasons! 
1. They are my buddies
2. They have amazing hair! 
3. I love braids and baby's breath! 

 (flower girl)

(Sister to Groom/Bridesmaid)

Here is the bride before I put baby's breath in! I barely curled her hair, I went with her natural wave/body. I used fishtail braids and regular braids in her style! She looked soooo beautiful! 

 Happy LLW!!!!! 

Friday, August 8, 2014

cass life // cabin and wedding life

We went on our annual cabin getaway with our buddies in Northern Wisconsin (Hayward) It is a Cass fav every summer…..

 life at the cabin is glorious.

sleep. make scrambled eggs and cass cakes.
sip on Jamaican coffee in pottery mugs.
lather up with sunscreen and swimmers itch protectant.
carry mug/towel/sunglasses/ cherries/ books to the beach
watch your kids dig and play and drink lake water (zander) 
eat snacks and make fabulous fresh meals
naps in pack n plays
boat rides with kids stuffed in life jackets
eat brat pizza at a local joint (it was amazing)
go to West's Ice Cream E V E R Y D A Y and get blue moon
bath and ni nights for the littles…….adults fall asleep putting them to bed…..


second borns. need I say more?

always wanting to be naked……

Digging the moat

 The water was crystal clear…. for a lake……. we did, however get swimmers itch nast…..augh

The noises that come out of this one. She is adventurous. 

X + Z having fancy root beer

Love this pix of Xavier! The neighbors had 10 golden puppies ;) They were 4 wks old! 

Does this not scream- Relaxation!?

cutest kids on the block…. I mean "dock" 

What is this biz? Tude for days…..

fam bam :)

getting pizza at our fav place.

fam pix!

West's Ice Cream- amazing!!!!!!!!!

We are in the "I wear 3-4 outfits a day phase". 

getting candy at the local shop! SALT WATER TAFFY!

After the cabin, we headed to St. Paul for a wedding……. Dellwood Barn! Our friends got married, and Andy officiated and I did the bridal party hair. It was a wonderful celebration to be apart of. They were in the NY Times too………. :) 

Barn weddings are stunning.

fun bar area

Jenna was the most beautiful bride!

The sister of the groom (pregs with #5 and sprained ankle and her Hus, Jarrod)

The wood was from our backyard- it is a "Huppa"- the family praying a blessing over the couple…


keeping these crazies quiet during the ceremony was redonk. 

like I said- they were not getting the whole sit down thing.

"George, you may kiss your Dragon" (their first date was at George and the Dragon in MNPLS) 

the girls had a blast at the dance! 

Zion and Noah are less than 2 months apart….. we taught them how to dance. for precious.

Check back on Wed for my LOCK LOVE WED hair posts from the wedding! 

Happy Friday y'all.