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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Happy Wednesday everyone! I started Lock Lock Wednesday to get myself motivated to style my hair everyday. It is so easy, for even hair stylists to get in a rut with their hair. I am hoping to inspire you along the way with simple and fun techniques to help you look fabulous! Join me along the way. It will be fun! All you have to do is take snapshots of your hair during the week and link up with me below! 

Rockin' dirty hair with some Sea Salt Spray and Hairspray and my headband is from Target.

I took my hair and braided some stranded and pinned it in 3 sections. Easy and Fun for summer. My earrings are Stella&Dot. 

Join me and show off your hair throughout the week on Instagram #locklovewed and #locklovewednesday, or join me below by linking up! 

::::::: Christy ::::::::::

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Zion's Chevron Quilt

I realized that I never shared with you the finished quilt that my mom made for Zion. I shared with you the pattern and fabric here! My mom made a full size quilt. I had google imaged chevron quilts and she created her own pattern. The fabric from FabricShoppe! I layed the quilt on our queen bed for pix. Zion uses a toddler bed for now, so we fold it in half! 

Isn't it the most beautiful quilt. My mom is soooooo talented! Zion's room is filled with Strawberry Shortcake and purple! I love all of the details! My mom made the pillow case for with Strawberry Shortcake. I made the two pillows with Jody fabric too! 

The scraps on the bed are from Zion's birthday party.
Do you have a favorite quilt pattern right now? I am loving the hexi's

Monday, July 29, 2013

MiraCURL Tutorial! Holler Baller

I have been really excited to share with you a new styling routine, that I have been loving. A couple of weeks ago, I purchased the new automatic curling iron! This thing is amazing@ It is by Babyliss Pro MiraCURL Professional Curl Machine. I am selling these at Tala. They are more expensive than the typical curling iron, but works great. They are the only ones on the market! I am always talking with women that can not figure out how to curl their hair. This iron will save your life. It takes time but gives you perfect results.


Sorry for the lack of professional vid....... a girl's got to do, what a girl's got to do.....at camp..... :)


While at youth camp last week, I had my nanny/cousin be my hot model! She has a ton of hair and it was really fun to give her a new look. We took 1" sections for the curls. You can select your heat/time and curl type. I love that it has options for Left or Right curl. The heat settings are 8,10, 12 seconds. 


All you have to do is place your section of hair in the unit where you want the curl to begin. With Brittany, I went up to her scalp for the curls to begin. If you want more loose/beachy waves, I would start midway down the hair. Then you close the handles, hair is drawn automatically in the curl chamber. Hold the iron until the beep signals you to open to release your curls! EASY! I love how bouncy they are!!!!!!

Earlier in the week, I curled my hair with this as well. Here is my before........

Using the tool.

After! It took 40 minutes with my hair. I think I can master this under 30 minutes. It took me a while to figure out how to use it. I roughed it up a bit after I took this photo. The curl lasted 3 days! 

Why use this machine? I love how it doesn't damage your wrists. Having been in the hair industry for decade now, my wrists are shot. I love how it gives perfect results and the volume that is hard to achieve with a normal curling iron. The tighter the curl/the smaller the section of hair you should take for your hair. 

I am selling these at Tala Hair Studio now! The suggested retail is $300. I am selling them at a discount of $275. If you purchase them the same day as a color/cut service, I will sell them to you for $250. I will ship them to you as well! I am really excited to use them on you! Happy Monday! 

Friday, July 19, 2013

High5- Its Friday!

Every Friday, I link up with Jeanette and Lauren and share with you my highlights of the week! Summer is just flying by for us. Somedays, I am just in survival mode. It has been a blessed season overall though. We are in the midst of camp right now. My husband is preaching a camp for 5 weeks this summer (4 hours away). I stayed back this week to work everyday to get my clients in, so I can attend senior high camp next week! 

This past weekend, we stayed home for the most part having much needed family time. Andy started the process of our girls dollhouse! I can not wait for it to be finished. I am really excited to decorate it! It will have 6 rooms! He is using materials that we are already have. The wood is from a broken organ at our church! Zion, our 3.5 year old is so excited to play with it. 

The other day we gave our daughters a bath and got them in their jammies and went for a family walk! I snapped a couple of photos of the girls cuddling. I think I have stared at these 100 times this week. I just can not get over their bond and beauty. I am blessed. 

Zion loves doing "preschool".  Note:  I finally got her a allergy bracelet to wear 24/7. She is so proud of her "alle-gy bracelet". It makes me a little more assured that she is safe. 

Yesterday, I took Zion on a daughter date to Aveda Institute- Minneapolis. One of my youth girls, Jordan graduated from there yesterday in the Cosmo program. It was really fun taking my daughter. We made it special. We got all "fancy" for the celebration. I drove up with 2 of my students (Jordan's boyfriend and friend). We had a great day. Coffee. Graduation. Dinner at Loring Pasta Bar on the U of M campus and a quick stop at Patina boutique. Bliss. 

Jordan is going to be a phenomenal hairstylist. It was a full circle moment for me. I can't believe I have been in the industry for 10 years now. Wow. I remember how scared I was to drop out of college and pursue my dream of being a hair stylist. I remember not listening to others but listening to myself. I remember struggling financially and being so burnt out with school and work to get through the program. I remember the fire that was ignited in my heart when I started cutting and coloring hair. It has been the perfect career for me. I remember dreaming of what my life would look like.....down the road. I remember the doubt and fear of "making it." It is funny how life seems like it goes in slow motion sometimes; or the opposite, where it goes so fast, that we don't stop and reflect. So stepping in the school brought back many emotions for me. Holding my daughter's hand, explaining were mommy went to school was simple and powerful all at once. The school is so beautiful. It never got old walking into the building everyday.

 I am so proud of Jordan for following her dreams. I met her as a young 7th grade girl that moved here from Vegas, wearing a Fox hoodie and checkered vans. I remember her telling me she wanted to be like me........ a hairstylist. I helped get her a job at my old salon as a receptionist and now she gets to work there as a hairstylist. So fun! She gets the blessing of making people's day and helping them feel better on the outside! I am so proud of you Jordan! 

 Some of the stations at the school!

I have so many things in my home that make it ours. This is one of them, my quilt from my mom. I just love it. My mom is so talented with sewing/quilting. Thanks mom for the beautiful quilt that I get to look at everyday! 

We have lots planned for this weekend! Do you have anything fun planned? 

Happy Friday peeps!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I started Lock Lock Wednesday to get myself motivated to style my hair everyday. It is so easy, for even hair stylists to get in a rut with their hair. I am hoping to inspire you along the way with simple and fun techniques to help you look fabulous! Join me along the way. It will be fun! All you have to do is take snapshots of your hair during the week and link up with me below! 

Here I literally put in dry shampoo and slapped on my headband. I didn't curl my hair or anything. i simply pinned and tucked away. It took 3 minutes tops. I sprayed with my Awapuhi hairspray and wah-lah! 

On this day, I put my hair in three sections and twisted it into messy buns. I threw in a clip to disguise a blah spot. It took a couple minutes. 

Zakiyah has been rockin' the mini ponytails! 

I curled my hair with my curl wand/ using texture spray and hairspray here! I pinned up the sides with a bobby pin. Fun. Easy.

I still am lovin' the ombre look. I got to color Allison on Monday. I love the red tones with the copper/caramels. She looks gorg.

I got some jersey knit fabric from Jody and cut it to make some vintage headbands. It took 10 minutes. I love the stripes on my girls.

Are you doing anything fun with your hair lately? Please Share a pix below! Link up here or on Talahairlife Instagram

Happy Lock Love Wed!

Monday, July 15, 2013

cass life

We have been crazy busy with camp and JULY in general. I thought I would catch y'all up on our life. 
Lake Geneva.

As I mentioned in my h54f post, we hit up camp for a one night for the Fourth of July. We spent lots of time with our good friends, Carter and Paula. It was a blast! Zion loved playing with their girls:  Ruby, Ellie, and Maddie. We swam, spent time catching some rays, ate yummy food and laughed.

Carter and Andy went to college together. Both guys are awesome and have been serving at their church as a Youth Pastor for ten years now. They are the real deal. Great hearts. 


Bounce houses and ice cream at camp! Perf Fourth of July

Zi and Ellie- 6 wks apart!

Our good friend's daughter just turned 2. We got to celebrate at their house for a lovely party- The theme was "F" for Francesca! It was perfect. Frankfurters. French Fries. Float station. Flowers. etc. It was hot! The kiddos ended up in their underwear playing in the kiddie pool to cool off! Kati did a phenomenal job on the party! Zion had a blast!

How cute are these details?

I love how my girls are starting to interact. They truly adore each other. Zion is such a good helper. She amazes me daily with her thoughtfulness and gentleness for Zakiyah. They love bath time. Hilarious. This is them in the shower (towel clogging the drain) at camp! My girls loved spending the week at camp with our junior highers. It was so fun having them up there with us.

Camp was great. It is a crazy week being back at home for me. Lots of work and such, before heading back to senior high camp. My hus is up there again this week preaching. I am loving summer overall though. Perfection. 

I will post more this week. Just wanted to play catch up...... Loves.