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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wedding Weekend Part 2

What a crazy weekend we have had. Oh how I love weddings. But boy do they tire this lady out. whew. We had a blast celebrating with Katherine and Cordie though. It was such an honor to be apart of their day. I just love celebrating TWO people coming together and giving God the glory for his plan for our lives. I thought I would share some pix from our camera with you. It was hard to remember to take pictures between running around with the wedding crew and chasing after Zion. Friday was a fun day filled with Pedis at a local spa. The Bridal party needed it:) We had the rehearsal on Friday in our youth room because Studio324 was being occupied.  Andy officiated the ceremony so he organized the rehearsal for the most part. 

We started off with some prayer and I had to snap this of Zion praying. It always melts my heart to see her pray! LOVE. She is sitting next to the Maid of Honor- Elizabeth (Bride's sis, also our old nanny) and Chelcy (her hus was a groomsman, and I used to live with her family back when Andy and I were dating) and Kiyah of course...

Here are the flower girls all lined up for the practice. They are were sooo excited! Sophia and Lila are my best friend, Jody's girls:)

sorting out the details!

Here are some great pix of our family of 4! Zion and Zakiyah's outfits are from Becky Miller at church. They are Zutano! I love them. so cute. It was their first time matching like that. I could get obsessed with it....

I picked up my headband, sweater and skirt at Forever21. I loved wearing something that was comfortable and fun! Love myself some peachy pink and sea foam green.

Kiyah Nova--9 wks old! In love with this cutie pie. She is so special to us. sigh....

I love how she furrows her eyebrows like me. She looks so serious here!

 Sister LOVE! the best. my little z pies.

Cassanova and I. love you longtime sugar.

After the rehearsal, everyone headed over to 300FIRST for an amazing dinner that the groom's parents hosted. I had a french dip. It was fab. Saturday came quick. Our dear friends, Isaac and Bri came over at 7:30am to watch the girls for us. They are always a huge blessing to us. They love our girls so much. I knew that there was not going to be anytime to get Z/Z ready with all the chaos of the wedding. We had lots of coffee, Panera goodies and rocked it out to Rihanna in Tala. I did the bride's hair as well as Elizabeth. It was a blast.

Katherine and Elizabeth got the cutest shirts they were wearing the day off. I love the little things. We put extensions in Katherine's hair and she wore it down with a beautiful italian inspired veil.

Zion held Katherine "Tia's" hand for quite a while. It was so sweet. She was wanting to be apart of the girl time. Everyone came to our house to get ready for the big day. We did pictures right in the field by our house.

Here is Zion getting her hair done by Jordan. Jordan is one of our old youth gals that is studying at Aveda for Cosmo! a girl after my own heart.....:)

Here we are getting all ready pre-pix! love this one. The colors were Coral/Navy. Isn't that a great combo? I love it. I had all of 15 minutes to put makeup on/do my hair and get dressed. Life as a hairstylist....and host of many in my house! 

I just can't handle the tutu's!!!!! Here are the girls walking in the brisk weather to the field. They were troopers.

Here are the proud girls with their Princess. Isn't this a great shot? love it.

pix with the bride. pretty impressive right?

The lovely wedding party with Cordie and Katherine......I love the colors. the styling. Katherine made all of our flowers, the flower girl tutus and necklaces. Our scarfs are from Express. The groomsmen were wearing a lot of H&M. I just think it came together beautifully. 

Once we got to Studio324, we hung out upstairs waiting for the ceremony to start. It began at 1:30pm. While the wedding party hung out, Zion got some Tia time in. I thought this pix was prec. She loves her Katherine. 

Some details from the wedding. Cordie and Katherine incorporated their love for music by having us sign records instead of a guest book. We also got to take home a guitar pix with their pix on it.

They used Barn wood to label everything as well. i love barn wood.


The programs were sitting on an old school desk. Loved that idea.

Here is a fun shot of the studio. They set up a pergola in the middle with lights and tule. Which was fun to use and divide the space.

the fun pergola....

Zion girl with her mama...she was pretty tired at this point..no nap for a 2 1/2 year old is asking for trouble. Lets just say that she conked out at 7pm last night.

 My sisters: Chelsea and Cara got to come to the reception! We got this great picture of Zion, Ryder, Cara, Chelsea and Zakiyah. Love my sisters and my babies.....so prec.

 Speaking of babies....Look at Zakiyah is this shot. Isn't she a beaut. She is wearing a coral onsie from Target, Etsy headband, and tutu is made by the bride. I just want to squeeze her cheeks.

  A family picture of our matching outfits. I must take advantage when Andy is dressed up to capture the moment. I got his vest/shirt at H&M and pants at Express. He was looking good!

This is Michael and Bobby (Bride's bros) and Betty (mother of bride). They were sitting in the old theater chairs that the B and G got at GoldRush here in town. The flower girls sat on them during the wedding. I heart them. I want....just sayin. ;)

Remember how I said this kid had no nap? Yup, that is when this mama lets her dig in my purse and put on as much lipgloss as she wants. choose you battles people!

My Osborn ladies. love you both....Are you sure you have to leave for NYC again Elizabeth? please don't leave..... love you guys so much. so beautiful.

 and Miss Bri- my life saver. She literally watched my girls all day for me. What a blessing. She deals with my spastic ways. Oh man, am I ever a spaz. love you friend. Kiyah and Zi love you too.

Speaking of blessings.... Jesse and her hus- Andy came down as well to celebrate with us. Jesse used to live with Andy and I. Her parents run the orphanage in Mex that we go to. Jesse and Andy are expecting a baby boy this winter. It was so fun to see them and connect. They live in Minneapolis now so we don't get to see each other often. So after the wedding they came over with Isaac and Bri. We ordered pizza and vegged around the fireplace and chilled. It was the perfect way to end our day. 

So yeah, Cass fam is tired. I got to do another bridal updo this morning for my friend Kati. It was a blast. She brought me much desired Caribou. I am off to bed now. xoxo

Friday, October 26, 2012

Wedding Weekend! Part 1

Life for us is always crazy! But we are in the midst of a wedding week right now. Tomorrow our dear friends, Katherine and Cordie are tying the knot. We are so excited for all of the festivities. It is always a whirlwind of chaos and celebrations. Last night I hosted a Bachelorette party for the bride. We all wore black with the bride wearing white. It was a fun group of ladies.

We all met at my house and hit up a local restaurant- City Cafe. It is a local fav in Rochester. I am obsessed with the blue cheese ball appetizer. So yummy! It was such a treat to go out with the girls without my babies. Don't get me wrong, I love my girls but it is so fun to dress up and laugh with friends. So I left the hus with the z babes to go out on the town. Well, for 2 hours at least. The bride is one of our old youth gals from The Gate back in the day. But Katherine has turned into a dear friend to our family. There was even a season where she lived with our family. Her entire family means a lot to us. Back at our wedding, her parents made Beef Brisket for our wedding reception, all 500 people that came. :) Last night was about celebrating HER. We had 2 gals from Canada, 1 from Florida, 1 from NYC and the rest of us are MN folk. 
After din, we came back for dessert- Cass Casa style. I had cozy socks for my peeps to put on to stay warm. Fire place on. Keurig ready to rock it out. Trader Joes Italian Sodas ready to be made. and many desserts.....

I LOVE HOSTING! Seriously, it is the best excuse to clean, decorate and whip up desserts. I love baking. I made two of my favs....Tres Leches cake and Espresso Torte from Test Kitchen. I also had
Cookie Butter out from Trader Joes....making peeps try it for the first time ;)

Speaking of Tres Leches Cake.... Here is my recipe for you. It is soooooooo good and supa easy!

You will need:
 1 box of Yellow cake mix
 1 can of sweet and condensed milk
 1 cup of milk (I use almond milk)
 whipped cream or cool whip-- i make homemade with vanilla and sugar:)
 1 pint of strawberries- cut into 1/4  pieces. (sometimes I add raspberries too)

Preheat oven to 350. 
bake the cake in a 9x13 pan. 
once out of oven. poke holes and pour the S&C milk and almond milk over the cake. allow cake to cool. I usually keep it on the counter for an hr and then put it in the fridge. 
Make the whipped cream and put it on the cake. top it off with the berries! Easy, right.....and heaven!!!!

Last night, we also had two babies celebrating with us for the festivities.... Baby Kiyah (2 months) and Baby Inez (6 days old). So prec. 

Look at Inez's hair...so cute! Isn't it crazy how big Zakiyah looks compared to Inez. I love babies....so stinkin cute. It never gets old. They were precious.  I thought I would show you some Throwback pix from KO and I....... I met katherine when she was only going into her 11th grade year and now she is 25. crazy town. She is like a sister to me. We have stayed close while she was over seas for 5 years, through many life changes, and periods of growth. We worked together at two salons. She has been a auntie "tia" to my babies and another daughter to my ma-pa. We love you! 

This pix is taken in Duluth, the summer of 2009 with Katherine and Elizabeth (sisters). We went up to D town to stay with my college friends. I was pregnant with Zion here...found out right when I got back from this trip. ;)

  Chicago baby! We went on a youth trip to chicago. Katherine was home from YWAM for a few weeks and got to go...I think this is circa 2006! Love. so many mems on this one...

My Wedding....xoxoxo 08-07-2005 Katherine was serving us at the head table.... I am sitting with my sisters....Cara and Chels! 

This is 2005! I think this was taken at Chelcy Walkers high school grad! crazy!!!

Let the party weekend begin. I am a bridesmaid...Andy-officating....Zion-flowergirl and Zakiyah gets to be held and spoiled. more on the wknd on Sunday! loves. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Inspiration for Hair

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the 1940's era. It is has continued to hold such a vast variety of inspiration. I love the red lips. the pin curls. finger waves. floral prints. the hats. the fashion gloves. the femininity of the decade. Women rocked it! I have been so excited with the come back from this time period on the runways, magazines and stores. It is so fun to play with on a daily basis. I dare you to buy some red lip stick and rock it out. Or wear your hair different than the average day. I am tempted to hit some consignment shops or my Grandma's closet for some fun vintage wear. 

MINT GREEN! what a fun color. I am so excited to wear normal clothes again. Now that I am not pregnant, I am looking forward to exploring with my wardrobe again. I recently went to the Mall of America and could not get over all the mint green everywhere. So fun. There is even a bakery in my husband's home town that has this color in it. I am obsessed. 

Isn't this so fun?! I love the look. the messy braids. the color palette. the lip color with the fusion of the two contrasting colors. Messy braids are stickin around. I wish I had long hair to do it up! 

So beautiful. To get this look you need day old hair.. dry shampoo. (my fav is Eufora, which I sell at Tala) and a braid. 

curls are RADIANT! I heart them. Here are some of my favs. 

  MENS FASHION is blowing up. I love that we are finally going bold and more runway savvy. I love the hipster look right now mixed with the 1950's mod style. So fun. I am really enjoying the Elvis, the slicked back Fonzy, the shaved sides with the length on top. Parting the hair is back. So fun. Say goodbye to the spiky look, or the mo-fo-hawk. TIME IS A CHANGIN. Step out of your comfort and rock a new look. here are some of my favs:
 oh Macgyver....i love this look.

 Just kidding. there was a time for this and its not returning......:)

I love this look. so in. so now. so easy and fun to dress up or down.

  and here is an example of having shorter more tight sides with some fun texture and wave on top.

Enjoy....what is your fav look right now?