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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party for Zion

What a weekend we have had! It has been non-stop party time here at the Cass Casa! I can not believe that we are in the midst of 3rd birthday party festivities! It goes soooo fast raising kids. How is it possible that our precious, fun-lovin, crazy, loud, giggly, beautiful Zion Leilani is turning THREE!?! 
She is obsessed with Strawberry Shortcake right now! It is funny how fast kids can go through "favorites" with toys/cartoons/characters etc. For about two months, she has been loving watching this fabulous show. I secretly approve, considering it was a favorite of mine in the 1980's. So naturally, we had a Strawberry Shortcake party. It was her first friend party that she has had. We kept it small for numbers. She invited her lil friend/neighbor over, her cousin, 3 other friends. 5 was plenty! I can't get over the work/time that goes into these. But, I must admit, I love a good theme! It brings me so much JOY planning the details for my little Zi pie. So yesterday was the day for the p-a-r-t-y. I thought I could share with you the highlights from the celebrating. 

Andy made this image for us and we put it in a frame for the front door. Zion chose the colors for the strawberries. 

Zion chose her birthday outfit yesterday! It was all gap. She wore the dress for Christmas this year too! She is sooo cute! We got up early and did the prep for the party. She wanted to help me make strawberry shortcake too! 

We made my favorite recipe from America's Test Kitchen! It is amazing!!!! I used organic cane sugar and 1/2 w.w. flour though. SOOOOO good.

We made a punch for the kiddos: pink lemonade, strawberry lemonade, apple juice and frozen pineapple! so delish!

I got this amazing banner that says, "celebrate" a few years ago in Red Wing at a boutique. I love it. We bring it out for special events. I left my mantel decorated from V day.

ok- So I am obsessed with the new craze! Chalkboard Banners! I love them! Oh my word, I love that you can customize them for everything! My BFF, Jody gave them to me for a gift! She is going to sell the fabric in her shop on ETSY. You can order it like any fabric and cut it how ever you want. Andy and I cut it like flags. I used a hole puncher for the hemp to go through. So easy. I am excited to use it for many other things in the future. I think I am going to keep it up for awhile! 

We wrote:  "Zion is 3". I drew strawberries too!

We hung the banner over the dining room window! 

Isn't this table so amazing?! I love the colors! I could stare at it all day. If only toddlers appreciated it. ha. I got fabric from Jody for the scrap banners. I used two kinds of strawberry fabric, (this and this one), an old receiving blanket, and dish towel that was stained. I cute them into random strips and tied them on a green ribbon that I had. 

Some roses in a bud vase from Crate&Barrel on a vintage colander from my Grandma Cherie. The crystal cake stand is from my Aunt Jane. 

Zion filled the jars with pink marshmallows and strawberry licorice. 

I layered the buffet table with vintage doilies from my Grandma! I love all of them. I thought it was Anthropologie like to layer them. They have a lot of meaning to me. My grandma used to make these when she lived with her best friend when she graduated from high school. 

Zion and I found this tin at Goodwill for $2! holler. Napkin holder it is!

I used canning jars for the punch/cupcake liner lid/cute straws! I love the look. They are resting on a vintage tray. 

 The kids had a blast drinking out of them. So grown up....

 The party was from 11-2. Here is Z with her buddies. She was sooo excited for her party.

I hit up Target dollar section for the party favors. I filled them with Strawberry Shortcake stickers, suckers, strawberry gum, strawberry fruit strips, strawberry applesauce, crayons! 

We got the frames at Michaels for a buck! Andy filled them with a strawberry graphic to color. I love having craft time at parties with kiddos! 

Everyone arriving....

Beautiful Lila Grace! 

We started the party with the Strawberry craft. I had color crayons/pencils/markers out for options. The kids were so proud of their artwork! I got the chevron laminated fabric from the fabric shoppe as well. It is 2 1/2 yards! No sewing necessary! Perfect for spills/art work and meal time. Plus It is fun and festive.

Zakiyah and I! She is teething right  now, which means she is held a lot! 

Showing us their works of ART.

Crazy faces.

a jumping shot!

After craft time-- we moved on to lunch time. Toddler style. 
pigs in a blanket
sweet potato fries/ french cut fries
fresh fruit
black bean chips

I picked up 30 plates and bowls from Valentines clearance last year at Target! They are perfect since Andy/Zion's birthdays are in Feb. I love using them instead of disposable ones. It just makes sense going with the heart theme for them.

Zion was so sweet and prayed for the meal! She thanked God for her "Strawberry Cort-cake party" and her friends......<><

All the kids loved playing with Zakiyah! She is loved by the little people. 

I love how toddlers get so excited for presents! It is hilarious how they practically sit on each other's laps for gift opening. Zion got some fun presents! Sticker doll house, memory game, dance pad, puzzle and Strawberry Shortcake decals for her room! 

After gift opening, we had Strawberry Shortcake! My sister, Chelsea stopped by to help! 

They loved the treats! 

Ironically, Zion has always been allergic to Strawberries. But yesterday, we tried it out and so far so good.....praying it has passed. So she had blueberries and pineapples on her dessert. She loved blowing out her "3" candle too!

The hus gave all the kids Strawberry Shortcake tattoos after cake. It was a hit! The cousins loved them! Love my Ryder:)

Showing us his sleeves! 

My friend Jody, just had this precious bundle! Levi Pratt.....Love him! He is one week old. I love newborns. 

 Zion with our neighbors! They are buddies. Such a blessing to have amazing neighbors. We are blessed!!!! 

Kiyah is 6 months old now! How is that possible? She was all festive for the party. Zion had me where a birthday dress too! So fun.

What I learned? 3 hours is plenty long for a toddler party! Plan ahead. Kids like structure at parties. Breathe in the day and enjoy! I love watching the joy it brought our very happy Zion! She felt so special having a little party with her pals. Happy Sunday ya'll.


  1. Looks like Zion had a great time!! Fun party!!

    1. It was a blast, Shawna! She was glowing!

  2. Very Beautiful and very creative. What kind of drinks where in those mason jars? Would love to do this for future birthday parties with my kids.

    1. Never mind I went back up and read the ingredients! :)

    2. yes! I always hit up Trader Joes and make a fun mix with their fun juices and lemonades! Have fun!!!!!