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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lock Love Wednesday

Happy Lock Love Wednesday! I have been rocking a different part lately and loving my curls! It is fun having more length to work with. I started LLW to keep this hairstylist accountable. It is so easy to get in a hair rut and not style my own hair! I have fun sharing with you anything Hair related! Today, is Before + After day! Join with me below and link up and show off your styling techniques or beautiful hair! Follow me on Instagram @ talahairlife #locklovewed and #locklovewednesday 

I LOVE CUTTING KIDS HAIR!!!!! Especially, MY DAUGHTERS!!!! Look how cute Zion is in her new bob!? She is gorg!

This was Mollie's first hair cut! SHe is a doll!

Summer is approaching and my peeps are read for change! 
I love flat ironing textured hair to switch it up! What a treat!
 Bring on the caramels and blonde highlights!

Jorge looking fresh and clean cut! 
 My buddy is a mama to twin babies and it was a TLC night when I colored/cut her hair!!!!!

Love how this color/cut combo gives Amy some spice!

Melanie has amazing hair!!!!!! I love coloring and cutting her hair! LOVELY

 Brittany wanted lots of caramel tones to brighten her look! I cleaned up her ends to give it a healthy look!
I cut off the assymetrical bob and evened it up for spring!
Katie and I have been working on bringing her hair back to blonde! She had an all over brown all winter and now we are prepping for her WEDDING!
Ashley had fun copper tones in her hair, but we wanted some contrast. I colored her roots/painted through her ends with a rich brown/auburn and gave her lots of variations with blondes/caramels.


My word…… I am obsessed with the Deva Curl line! I have been rocking it on anyone I can get my hands on. Natural. Smells amazing. Easy. Light weight. Perfection. Let's not fight the natural curl/waves! Let's embrace!!!!!!! I am selling the line at Tala! Ask me to style your hair next time with these products! You won't regret! 

Meet Deva Shawna :)

 Meet Deva Katrina with it in an updo. 

Christy selfie with Deva No Poo/ Deva conditioner/ Deva spray gel. BLISS> I finished with my Awapuhi Sea Salt Spray. 

Oh La La

Any fun looks for you lately? Please share!!!!!! 

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