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Monday, June 23, 2014

Our little ballerina

What a way to end a fun year of ballet for Miss Zion! She had quite the fan club at her dance recital to watch her dance with her little ballerina friends! I was very proud watching her perform on the stage in front of hundreds of people! She is one special little lady. I love how ballet has taught her about grace and sophistication. She prances around the house all the time on her tip toes, showing us her moves. Ballet has taught her confidence and pride. She is one special girl! Zakiyah loved watching her sister perform! 

 We did a quick shoot at home before the big performance.

How cute is this pix!?

Zion's little buddies….. Lila and Sophia were in another performance. We got to snatch a pix of them though. 

Zion with Abby and Anna!

Zion performing with her classmates.

The grand finale.

Fav pix of the day! Daddy getting Zion off the stage :) heart overflowing…….

Zion's fan club! 
Danielson crew…..

Cass fam….

Osborns ;) (Roch grandparents)

Katherine and Cordie came up from Florida!

Bri loving on the girls! 

showing us her moves while holding her flowers! I think Zion getting flowers was her favorite! She felt the love.

The only family pix…… real life. Such is life.

It was amazing having family time with the Cass' crew. It was so fun having dinner and laughing together! My girls are so loved!!!!!

Thanks for celebrating with us family and friends! We love you!

Friday, June 20, 2014


This picture is SUMMER. 
Fresh air.

We are loving this hot season and having a blast with our kids! 

One of our Gate Alumni's, Alec gave us this go-cart! We are loving it!!!!! 

 The kids High-fiving Mike!

Cass house hosting lots and lots! So much fun with our friends! The kids are in swim suits daily here!

Remember my post, a couple of weeks ago about wanting a DO OVER DAY--? This is the awards ceremony I was talking about! Zion was in a preschool class at church with 40 little 4 year olds! 

Eating on the deck always! Morning Cass Cakes :)

Look at Kiyah's face :)

and Zion's face ;)

Our friends that are family to us came up for a visit from Florida! Lots of time with them over their Rochester stay! 

Zion informed me that she went in her room and cried, when they said goodbye. She cried cuz they go to for-da. melt my heart. 

Zion and I on our date for her dress rehearsal! 

Church Stage set my Hus built for summer series! 

Our family all came and were apart of Zion's fan club for Ballet last weekend! I will post about that over the weekend! Grandpa Jim feeding Kiyah berries! She loves her grandpa! :)

Fathers Day Fam pix at church.

We had a great Father's Day being outside and getting lunch at our fav pizza place // park time // and ice cream at Flapdoodles! Zion rocked a tiara all weekend from her friend's party.

The girls got daddy two apple trees for Fathers Day. 

Ice Cream with our buddies! Zakiyah using her hands as a spoon of course. This mama got smart and didn't get chocolate ice cream this time ;)

Zander kept kissing Zakiyah 

Went to our park for Golden hour….. a little safer than the 10 feet of grass on a busy road at Flapdoodles!

can't get over these girls and their bond. Seriously, they are so presh. They have their moments, but overall they are best friends. I constantly look back and see them holding hands in the car, or cuddling at home. We hear them talking for a good half hour before falling asleep in their rooms ;) Priceless. 

If you follow me on instagram, you have been seeing my "nip on the loose" series with my ladies outfit malfunctions :)

at a Frozen party!

Dance party with daddy.

 Peonies are in bloom! Halleju!!!!!!!!! 

Christy needs for sanity:  Coffee. Art. Date nights. and GIRLS NIGHTS! Sooo good! Went for apps on a patio and chick flick earlier this week…. post bawling to Fault in Our Stars. 

OK- but for real! How beautiful are my lovies?! Thank You Lord for these blessings.

Happy Friday y'all!