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Tala Hair Studio Gallery

Here are some pictures of the studio door. I painted it a fun and vibrant lime green! I love it. The studio is facing our backyard which is a beautiful wooded acreage. It is so peaceful back here! 

Here is a shot of the back yard from my studio.

Inside the studio....

We went with a character grade Hickory solid wood floors. The floors are one of my favorite features of the space! I love it! They have 3 different width variations. Aren't they beautiful? 

 West Elm clock

I get asked all the time how I came up with the name, "Tala". It is hebrew and means "diverse colors". I love how the name represents my clients and the hair industry perfectly! I got the letters at Anthropologie. 

I tend to not keep my plants living, so Air plants are the perfect solution for me. I love how they are modern and fresh. I got them at West Elm. They are hanging in my transom window.

I got my station from my friend, Heidi. It has been great for the studio. I painted it the grey color with special paint. I picked up the knobs at Hobby Lobby on clearance. The scones are from online and the track lights are from Lowe's. I got the mirror from TJ Maxx.

I love the contrast in the studio with the ship lights and chandeliers. I had a lot of fun mixing different styles to make it fun and be a cozy environment for my guests. 

Hobby Lobby knob.

I got this hook at West Elm to hold my guests purses. It is to the left of my station.

My friend Jody got this pillow for me on Etsy. It is so fun. Ikat is everywhere. When I was researching for the studio space and dreaming up the decorations 2 years ago I fell in love with chevron and ikat. At the time, it was really hard to come by, unlike now. So Jody surprised me with 2 pillows for my birthday before I opened up. They are perfect! 

I love coffee/tea/soda! They are offered daily at Tala. I always have fruit infused water for my guests too.

Awapuhi by Paul Mitchell and Moroccan Oil products are my fav at Tala.

I ADORE my fireplace. It is everyone's favorite feature. My amazing hus hand glued all the pennies to the wall for our "tile". It is truly stunning. I love how it glows at night time. We went with a modern fireplace with crystal rocks instead of wood. The frame is made of Titanium. It really is a show stopper. I love using unexpected materials in design. 

I painted the series of 4 paintings on Old Navy shelves. I used yellow and blue for my primary colors in my palette. I think they turned out well. 

Here is two paintings that are on both sides of the door to the bathroom. I used water color on these. I painted words that are used to describe anything related to hair. The frames are IKEA. 

Bathroom love. The walls are a soft, warm yellow color. I got the chandelier at Lowe's. We continued the hickory wood floors in the bathroom for the flow of the space to be cohesive. I love this bathroom! We (the hus) white washed all of the doors in the studio. They are craftsman solid oak doors with a white stain that you wipe down. I love the look of them. We have white chunky trim for some contrast. 

The shower curtain and hooks are from Target. 

The 4 frames above the toilet are from IKEA and the art in them are 4 cards from my favorite artist, Sabrina Ward Harrison. The doily on the toilet is Anthropologie, the wire basket is TJ Maxx. I got the wood shelf at a local flea market. 

Dried Lavender is the best!

The farm sink is so cute! We got the sink, faucet and lights at Lowe's. It is perfect for the space. The mirror I snagged at TJ Maxx. Moroccan details are on the mirror. I think I got it for $40! It was a steal.

The baskets down below are Pier One. The soap dispenser is Target and I used Dr. Bronner's citrus Soap watered down a touch. The bar of soap is Dr. Bronner's magic soap and the soap dish is West Elm.

Oh, how I love my beautiful BARN DOOR! Who doesn't want a barn door in their home? It is so amazing! I begged for this! At first, my husband thought I was crazy, but he loves it now. Well he should, considering he is the creator and builder behind it. He used a white wash on this too! The best part.....is there was an actual "Studebaker" sign on it. We kept it on there for character! 

Some more details of the door!

I think all the parts for the barn door are from Fleet Farm. 


  1. wow this is amazing!!! i would definitely come here for a haircut! keurig=huge bonus!

    1. Thanks Susy! It is such a blessing having it. I love it! If you are ever in in Rochester, MN I will do your hair! ;)

  2. Love your studio! It would fun to go to your shop to get my hair cut! :)