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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

LOCK LOVE Wednesday!!!

I started Lock Lock Wednesday to get myself motivated to style my hair everyday. It is so easy, for even hair stylists to get in a rut with their hair. I am hoping to inspire you along the way with simple and fun techniques to help you look fabulous! Join me along the way. It will be fun! All you have to do is take snapshots of your hair during the week and link up with me below! 

I have been so busy this week with birthdays, baby dedication, work, a huge women's ministry event at my church, mamahood, life that I opted for really easy styles! Here i literally took 2 day old hair ;) and seperated it in half. I simply twisted it and through in some bobby pins to keep it together. it is a glorified pig tail/ double bun look! 

Here is a side shot of it! Note:  no make up. I also got sick this week! NBD. I went with it....

 Here I twisted my hair back. I started in the front with my fringe and twisted away from my face, grabbing more hair as I went. I took all my hair and looped it in a knot/bun and bobby pinned it. It took 2 minutes. It had imperfections, but it worked. 

Side shot

This style was on Sunday! We had a really long day at church and with our family celebrating my daughters/Hus! I twisted my front fringe back, back combed my crown area. I took my hair in 3 sections and twisted it in a loose rendition of a french twist. As you know, I love flowers, so I put in two flower clips from H&M in there too! 

This is Monday! I literally styled my hair in the church bathroom! Ha. I air dried my hair in the morning, because my girls were not letting this lady get ready. I used my faithful 1/2" curling iron and curled my hair! I used my Awapuhi hairspray/texture spray! I had about 10 minutes to make this happen, before the big event! I will post tomorrow about our women's ministry event! Stay tuned! 

Don't forget to link up below with me! All you have to do is post some awesome phone pix of your hair throughout the week! You can also find me on instagram and use the hashtag:  #locklovewed

Have fun! 

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