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Monday, October 27, 2014

Z Girls Bathroom REVEAL

I am so in love with this adorable bathroom for my daughters! It is amazing how a little paint and DIY goes a long way! What I don't like is, photographing a small space……IMPOSSIBLE! I did my best to show you the details of their cute little bathroom! I shared with you recently, my inspiration board for their space here! I wanted this bathroom to not be to themey and hoping it can grow with them over the next 10 years or so…. here it is!

Like I have mentioned previously, our entire home was beige when we moved in. FLAT gross BEIGE….so I am on a roll to get rid of it! I chose to paint their room with my favorite color ever- MINT! The color is sherwin williams / Frostwork! The same color i have in the room next to the bathroom (the art space). You can see it here! I am a big fan of using the same paint color in at least two rooms in your home to allow a flow to happen. 

The color palette is the mint green // pale pink // white // grey.

We got the ruffle shower curtain at Bed Bath & Beyond online. It is extra tall and my Hus installed a rounded shower rod. I like the look and giving the girls more space when showering. Before we had a traditional tension rod, and it has fallen more than once and I don't want that to be an issue with my 4 year old now showering on a regular basis. I love how girly the shower curtain is and vintage looking! 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the art above the toilet. I got it on this fabulous site! It is Psalm 45:11, and says, "The King is wild for you, honor him for he is Lord!" It is a 8x10 and is in a 16x20 Target frame (the re-mix brand…aka cheap) I got the heart decals at Target too! How fun and kid friendly are these? $10!!! Yes, please! My girls love hearts too! So it is a win/win!

Details of the shower curtain……

Now lets talk about this amazing mason jar organizer! How presh is this beauty? We used the same the wood from our barnwood wall in the living room! I pickled the wood with a white stain and used one coat of poly to seal the deal. I bought 4 hose clamps at Lowes for a little over a buck each and used mason jars that we had in the kitchen……no big deal ;) The hus screwed in the clamps for me, and then you just get a screw driver and tighten the jars on the clamps. A lot of the tutorials I saw on pinterest used picture hangers on the back, but we didn't want this falling on the girls, so we nailed it into studs on the wall directly. I can not stand tooth brushes everywhere on the sink, so I am hoping that this adorable organizer is the solution for the cass fam. I caught my 2 year old bringing her stool to the wall and putting her toothbrush away this morning already! She won my heart! 


This shows you the difference when the lights are on vs off.

 I got the pink moroccan towels at Target. The hamper is Target (5 years old). The plant was a gift from my friend Liz! I made the hair pretty organizer here and it just a white frame and twine!

obsessed with this perfect rug! 
plush and divine.

Here are the knobs when the towels are not hanging from them. We used to have a traditional towel rod, but again, I want to set up my girls for success and allow them to hang their own towel, not their mom. I love this look more anyways! I got them a year ago at TJ Maxx for $4 each!

 anchor hook by shower for towels and robes ( hung it up a couple of years ago)

This is my normal view, the 2 year old brushing her teeth 6 x a day! 

What do you think? Isn't it adorbs?! 
Happy Monday y'all!

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