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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Master Bedroom

I thought it would be fun to show you our bedroom! I have always made a point to make our room a sanctuary. I think it is really important to have a place of rest that represents you. I love our room. I have not done much with it at this point. We are going to paint it at some point. I have toyed around with some colors/patterns for the walls. But I have not landed on a decision quite yet. So here it is....

Here are before-when we moved in....this was the room.

and After we moved in....

West Elm comforter. I adore this.

I scored this bed skirt at Anthropologie on clearance. I love the lightness of it..so cute.
Plus, it is just enough of pink for me, but not too feminine for my hus.

The headboard/footboard is Ashley Furniture. I change our bedding/pillows a lot throughout the year. It makes me happy. Right now the duvet is Target. The grey and white pillow cases are TJ Maxx. The striped pillows are Marshall Fields. The sea-foam pillow is Target. The lamps are Target-spray painted yellow. 

I got the frames from my Grandma, and spray painted them with a high gloss black. The fabric is from Jody at the Fabric Shoppe. It is Alexander Henry. Cheap and fun.

This is a frame above my dresser. It is a card by my favorite artist, Sabrina Ward Harrison. 

Faux Flowers from Pier One Imports.

West Elm curtains with white wood blinds.

The left door is our master bath. the middle door is our closet. I hope to paint the dresser a cream or soft yellow soon. I know a lot of people think it is a sin to paint antiques; but I have been wanting to do this for a long time now.....I am going to put the original brass handles back on it too. I inherited the dresser from my Grandma when I was 13. I love it! 

Anthro bowl and egg crate for jewelry!

Details of my dresser. 

A couple years back, I used the same fabric in my frames and covered my lamp shade from Pier One Imports. Much more Christy!

Chevron West Elm paper mache' side table for reading.

My little gallery wall of pictures of Andy and I.....heart!

The red canvas I painted and the flower is a photo stretched on a canvas from my friend Shel! Isn't it gorgeous! It is so happy! 

My amaze father made this hope chest for me when I graduated from High School. It means a lot to me! 

My dad made these night stands for us for our first wedding anniversary. The idea and concept was taken from a Pottery Barn one I wanted. I love them. Perfect for storage....

Some day we will paint. Otherwise, it is my happy place! 


  1. you are missing a pix of crazy zi pie in your bed!! :) xx

  2. Ha! I almost put one in the post! I have plenty!

  3. y'all need a king bed!!! it will change. your. life. do you have a specific brand of spray paint you like?!

    1. I wish. I do dream of having a King size bed someday.... I pick up my spray paint at Home Depot and Lowes. I can't remember the brand. I have lots though. I heart spray paint.

    2. Christy, LOVe ThIS! I dream of bedroom that I dont have to shut my dresser drawers to walk through it. Ha! Also a masterbath... might think I was in heaven. :)

    3. Sarah, our old bedroom was like that too. I am loving having a big bedroom. soooooo nice. never gets old.