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Friday, July 19, 2013

High5- Its Friday!

Every Friday, I link up with Jeanette and Lauren and share with you my highlights of the week! Summer is just flying by for us. Somedays, I am just in survival mode. It has been a blessed season overall though. We are in the midst of camp right now. My husband is preaching a camp for 5 weeks this summer (4 hours away). I stayed back this week to work everyday to get my clients in, so I can attend senior high camp next week! 

This past weekend, we stayed home for the most part having much needed family time. Andy started the process of our girls dollhouse! I can not wait for it to be finished. I am really excited to decorate it! It will have 6 rooms! He is using materials that we are already have. The wood is from a broken organ at our church! Zion, our 3.5 year old is so excited to play with it. 

The other day we gave our daughters a bath and got them in their jammies and went for a family walk! I snapped a couple of photos of the girls cuddling. I think I have stared at these 100 times this week. I just can not get over their bond and beauty. I am blessed. 

Zion loves doing "preschool".  Note:  I finally got her a allergy bracelet to wear 24/7. She is so proud of her "alle-gy bracelet". It makes me a little more assured that she is safe. 

Yesterday, I took Zion on a daughter date to Aveda Institute- Minneapolis. One of my youth girls, Jordan graduated from there yesterday in the Cosmo program. It was really fun taking my daughter. We made it special. We got all "fancy" for the celebration. I drove up with 2 of my students (Jordan's boyfriend and friend). We had a great day. Coffee. Graduation. Dinner at Loring Pasta Bar on the U of M campus and a quick stop at Patina boutique. Bliss. 

Jordan is going to be a phenomenal hairstylist. It was a full circle moment for me. I can't believe I have been in the industry for 10 years now. Wow. I remember how scared I was to drop out of college and pursue my dream of being a hair stylist. I remember not listening to others but listening to myself. I remember struggling financially and being so burnt out with school and work to get through the program. I remember the fire that was ignited in my heart when I started cutting and coloring hair. It has been the perfect career for me. I remember dreaming of what my life would look like.....down the road. I remember the doubt and fear of "making it." It is funny how life seems like it goes in slow motion sometimes; or the opposite, where it goes so fast, that we don't stop and reflect. So stepping in the school brought back many emotions for me. Holding my daughter's hand, explaining were mommy went to school was simple and powerful all at once. The school is so beautiful. It never got old walking into the building everyday.

 I am so proud of Jordan for following her dreams. I met her as a young 7th grade girl that moved here from Vegas, wearing a Fox hoodie and checkered vans. I remember her telling me she wanted to be like me........ a hairstylist. I helped get her a job at my old salon as a receptionist and now she gets to work there as a hairstylist. So fun! She gets the blessing of making people's day and helping them feel better on the outside! I am so proud of you Jordan! 

 Some of the stations at the school!

I have so many things in my home that make it ours. This is one of them, my quilt from my mom. I just love it. My mom is so talented with sewing/quilting. Thanks mom for the beautiful quilt that I get to look at everyday! 

We have lots planned for this weekend! Do you have anything fun planned? 

Happy Friday peeps!