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Showing posts with label farmers market. Show all posts

Monday, June 24, 2013

weekend recap.

 we had a lovely weekend, despite the weather. Holy storms batman. I can not get over the storms. So loud and crazy. My plants/flowers are depressed and suffering. Kiyah is not liking the thunder.....up a lot with her. We opted for indoor swimming and playing outside as much as we could in between the showers. 
 Friday night, we headed to our friends house for a pig roast. It was great spending time with friends and letting the girls get lots of play time. The Cors were great hosts as always. Joe made some amazing pork sandwiches. It was quite the production. (Joe is our nanny, Noelle's dad)

Four different rubs.

Mar-Mar loving on Kiyah

Slack line addiction. 

The kids in their blissful state. 

Saturday morning....... we headed to the farmers market in Rochester. I gave Zion all the money for her purse and let her be in charge of paying. It was a good opportunity to teach her about money. We had a blast.

We got radishes, lettuce/greens, popcorn, and green onions. YUM!

We hit the gym twice this weekend for swimming and workouts. So needed. It was a great relaxing weekend with the kids. Sunday was typical sunday funday with the Gate youth. We were outside all day. 

Here is a sneak peek of my stools I painted over the weekend. Check back tomorrow to see the reveal. They look awesome!!!!! 

Happy Monday!