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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Zakiyah's Baby Dedication

This past weekend, we got to have our daughter dedicated. Dedication is a lot like baptism. We just don't sprinkle them with water. We allow people to get "baptized" when they are old enough to make that personal decision. Having Zakiyah dedicated was our declaration to dedicate Z to God, our church family and to vow to raise her with Christian values. Having our girls dedicated is very meaningful to us. With my husband being a Pastor at our church, he got to dedicate both Zion and Zakiyah! It was so great. Our prayer is that our girls grow up in the church having a personal relationship with God. Growing daily in his promises and truth. Having friends in our church home. We are excited for their future. God is good.
We had both of our families come for the day on Sunday. We were surprised with my SIL, Katie co-leading worship with our team. Katie was our worship leader for 3 plus years before. It was so fun to have her up there again! A funny thing that happened, right before we went up for the dedication, my 3 year old Zion said, " I have to go potty." We, being awesome parents, said, "Hold it." ha. She felt pretty special holding the rose. The rose represents how our lives bud so fast. growing up through the years.....

 Both of our families....

After church, everyone headed over to our house for Tacos! YUM! We celebrated Andy and Zion's birthday and Kiyah's dedication. We had the whole set up with authentic taco meat, gauc, fresh salsa, corn torillas, soft shredded mex. cheese, cilantro, lime, black beans etc. It was so good! We also had apple soda and coke! the essentials....

sister love.

baby girl eating sweet potatoes. 

grandpa time- Wayne and Jim

The girls got really thoughtful gifts! My family did great getting them the perfect presents. My sister, Chelsea made this 10 commandments frame! I adore it.

Andy requested that I made his favorite:  a Triffle. I layer Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownies, homemade whip cream, chocolate pudding, raspberries and strawberries! YUM!!!!

My mom got these vintage Strawberry Shortcake dollys and outfits. Look at that cradle. I adore it. She made Zion sheets and some dolly bedding of course! They can't miss out. Why don't they make dolls like this anymore?! Precious!

After all the festivities, My hus and my (almost) Brother in law hit up our backyard to go ride. It was a beautiful out...for MN. My SIL and BIL took pix of them! It was our entertainment watching them. You can see us in the windows! 

Bird man ridin'

Thanks to our amazing family for celebrating with us. Thanks to our church fam for sharing life with us and loving our daughters! Thanks to everyone who lifts our family up in your prayers daily. We appreciate you!
Have a great day!