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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

oh hi, remember when I used to post for LLW….. I am back! Hi friends!!!!

Happy Lock Love Wednesday! I am sorry for the lack of posting Hair goodies with y'all! I have much to get you caught up on…… like 40+ pix today of my before/afters!!!!  I started LLW to keep this hairstylist accountable. It is so easy to get in a hair rut and not style my own hair! I have fun sharing with you anything Hair related! Today, is Before + After day! Join with me below and link up and show off your styling techniques or beautiful hair! Follow me on Instagram @ talahairlife #locklovewed and #locklovewednesday 

 I have been slammed with special occasion hair for weddings!! So MUCH fun!!!!!!! Here are some favs for you….. my bride, Mandy!

and the mother of the bride!

Some bridesmaids for a wedding!

I wish I had taken a before of this sassy bob! I love the cut with the loose curls to add body!

My girl, Katherine, rocking some brighter locks for summer!!!!!!

 Mr. Jack in his high/tight! LOVE! I had to convince to him to go shorter than he ever has on his sides…he was happy with the results! I forgot to grab a before ;(

So much of my men's cuts are going more disconnected with the length….and I am a big fan of keeping the top longer and really short on the sides! Looks SHARP.

 Been enjoying carving out parts for a more clean cut look!

 Mallorie rockin' the strawberry blonde!

I colored and cut my friend, Shari, and was showing her how to curl it! She is a beauty!

Love taking hair to one dimensional to add lots of shine and depth!!!!

 My blondies….so fun for SUMMER!

 This was my client's first time coloring her naturally red hair. I added in subtle high/lows to add depth and break it up! I love it!!!!!!

 Thea has gorgeous hair too! She gave me the honor of highlighting her hair for the first time!!! I put in around 20 caramel foils and brought her length up to give her hair shape and a fun new look for her!

 Sometimes, couples make Tala a Date Night! Praise be. I loved nick/sarah's makeover!!! Cutiepies.

Sarah is a mama to 1 year old twin boys and wanted something easy. So we colored her base with a rich brown and added in two shades of light on the ends for Ombre!

 This is my buddy/neighbor Sarah too! She wanted to be BLONDE for summer! Holler! Over 3 hours later…she got it! :)
 pastel time…. love Christina's new hair!

Amanda rocking her purple/lavender hair! This shows you the different shades it fades too. I love both! Go Amanda Go.

Sophie and Lila (my bff's kids) came in for summer do's!

 Georgi and her precious bob for summer!!!!!! She is so cute!!!

JOIN ME ON INSTA @talahairlife #locklovewednesday and #locklovewed for your hair pix!!!! I would love to see them!

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