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Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I have been slacking on the LLW posts! Sorry, life is always crazy and I struggle getting on the computer to post my hair pix after my long work days! But, here I am……. playing lots of catch up. I started Lock Love Wednesday to keep myself inspired and on top of the trends/fashion/and daily grind of hair. I am showing you lots of pix today of before + afters and some favorite products! Join me and link up with me on Instagram by using #locklovewednesday or #locklovewed to show off your hair!

Moroccan Oil is an all time FAV for many reasons!!!! It is the miracle oil for hair. 
adds tons of shine.
protects your hair from UV rays and heat.
reduces frizz.
smells amaze. 
Right now, I have box sets of the .85 oz + 3.4 oz (with pump) for $50! Normally it costs $60! The smaller bottle is perfect for traveling and wknd getaways. Stock up now! You can always spilt the set and give a bottle as a stocking stuffer ;) I have the Moroccan Oil Light as well.

I have been using the Kenra Platinum Dry Texturing Spray for 2 months and I AM IN LOVE. My word, this stuff is good. It is great on clean hair to dirty it up and give your hair some grit and wonderful on old hair to freshen up your do (aroma and styling wise). I spray it in my hair when I rock ponies or when I curl my hair to rough it up a bit. Praise be.

I started running a weekly special of showcasing a fav. color of the week at Tala at 10% off. Ths color is gorgeous and on my nails right now! Vinylux lasts 7 days and it has less chemicals than most polishes out there!

I have been using essential oils for 5 + years now and I love them. I continue to find new ways to incooperate them into my daily life and am amazed at all the benefits. I love the DoTerra company and am going to start carrying a couple favs at a time in the studio. Let me know if you ever want to order or need anything…… They really are that awesome. I love the diffuser below and use it in my home all the time! All you need is distilled water and I put in 8-10 drops of oil….. let it do its thing.

Alright, here are some Before + Afters for you! 
Mr. Jack has awesome hair to work with! 
 It is low light season….. LOVE

 I got to do both of my sisters hair this week! Love them!!!!

 Love this gorgeous rich espresso brown and Lob.

One of my favorite human beings….. my sweet Melanie! She really is my hero! 

Yay for chopping off the hair! 

Chelsea rocks bangs like nobody I know! I love her chocolate rich brown and blonde foils!

 It is amazing how texture changes a hair style> love love love

 Hannah has amazing hair to begin with….. I foiled in a ton of blonde to brighten up her locks.

Amanda has fun red/peach/blonde hair….. I heart it! I freshened her hair! 

Love Katie's hair as a brunette!
 Oh auburn, I love you.

I have been doing Rosie's hair for 10 years and this was a first! We have done many things but dark brown- this was fun!!!!!! She is stunning.

 Lovely new bob.
 This buddy is a new mama to #4 and I had the blessing of ombre' her hair and rockin' a fun and easy style. She is glowing!

My girl, Ginger, lives in AZ and I got to chop off her hair! We ombred' it with caramels and red/voilets! LOVE!


I have been doing Katie's hair for 8 years and I loved sharing her big day with her! She wanted simple. elegant. vintage. She looked radiant!

Love little girls……… a princess for the day.

Still loving braids and curls…….. simple and romantic.

Happy Wednesday buddies.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

LLW // Before + Afters // Wedding Edition

Happy Lock Love Wednesday! I started LLW to keep this hairstylist accountable. It is so easy to get in a hair rut and not style my own hair! I have fun sharing with you anything Hair related! Today, is Before + After day! Join with me below and link up and show off your styling techniques or beautiful hair! Follow me on Instagram @ talahairlife #locklovewed and #locklovewednesday 

In the summer months, I typically air dry my hair everytime I wash it and go with a quick 5 min. style. I love twisting it back to get it off my face and give it a little style! 


 Alex had gotten an all over tint months back and wanted something bright! I colored in lighter blonde tones and trimmed up her ends! She looks gorgeous!

Bri was ready for a drastic inverted bob! I love this look on her! We colored in 3 shades to add depth and dimension! 

Lindsay is a fellow hairstylist buddy of mine! She chopped her locks off back in May and was ready for a drastic color change. I colored it all over with a high lift bleach and toned it with a ash! I cut her hair with a undercut and "funked" it up a bit! She is a babe!

 Alison has amazing hair that is also stubborn! She was blonde for a good year and we have been migrating over to the red/brown family again. I colored her hair with caramel and auburn foils and painted in between with a rich brown copper! I LOVE IT! She wants to rock long Victoria Secret hair……..we are the road for that ;) 

I forgot to get a before of Lauren's dry hair. She just got her first teaching position and wanted a fresh look for Fall. I cut her hair up 3" + and it looks lovely! She had me ombre it in the Spring, and we wanted to still have enough length to rock the color a few more months!

Kim has amazing low maintenance hair! She comes in every 6 months and we wanted to bring up her foils a bit. I used two shades of blonde/caramel and painted it in at different heights! I cut her hair to be a long bob! She is smokin'!
 It is back-to-school season at Tala! Love Lucas and Jonas' cuts! CUTIE-PIES.

 Sarah has amazing hair! I freshened up her base with a rich dark brown and brightened up her ombre! She looks amazing! 
Jessica is getting married next week and wanted to do a rich all over brown! She has amazing shiny hair to work with! I love how full her hair looks now! She is going to be a stunning bride! 

 (Matron of Honor/ the sister)

// lots of weddings this season //

(Mother of the Groom)

I had fun with this bridal party for many reasons! 
1. They are my buddies
2. They have amazing hair! 
3. I love braids and baby's breath! 

 (flower girl)

(Sister to Groom/Bridesmaid)

Here is the bride before I put baby's breath in! I barely curled her hair, I went with her natural wave/body. I used fishtail braids and regular braids in her style! She looked soooo beautiful! 

 Happy LLW!!!!!