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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

LLW // Before + Afters // Wedding Edition

Happy Lock Love Wednesday! I started LLW to keep this hairstylist accountable. It is so easy to get in a hair rut and not style my own hair! I have fun sharing with you anything Hair related! Today, is Before + After day! Join with me below and link up and show off your styling techniques or beautiful hair! Follow me on Instagram @ talahairlife #locklovewed and #locklovewednesday 

In the summer months, I typically air dry my hair everytime I wash it and go with a quick 5 min. style. I love twisting it back to get it off my face and give it a little style! 


 Alex had gotten an all over tint months back and wanted something bright! I colored in lighter blonde tones and trimmed up her ends! She looks gorgeous!

Bri was ready for a drastic inverted bob! I love this look on her! We colored in 3 shades to add depth and dimension! 

Lindsay is a fellow hairstylist buddy of mine! She chopped her locks off back in May and was ready for a drastic color change. I colored it all over with a high lift bleach and toned it with a ash! I cut her hair with a undercut and "funked" it up a bit! She is a babe!

 Alison has amazing hair that is also stubborn! She was blonde for a good year and we have been migrating over to the red/brown family again. I colored her hair with caramel and auburn foils and painted in between with a rich brown copper! I LOVE IT! She wants to rock long Victoria Secret hair……..we are the road for that ;) 

I forgot to get a before of Lauren's dry hair. She just got her first teaching position and wanted a fresh look for Fall. I cut her hair up 3" + and it looks lovely! She had me ombre it in the Spring, and we wanted to still have enough length to rock the color a few more months!

Kim has amazing low maintenance hair! She comes in every 6 months and we wanted to bring up her foils a bit. I used two shades of blonde/caramel and painted it in at different heights! I cut her hair to be a long bob! She is smokin'!
 It is back-to-school season at Tala! Love Lucas and Jonas' cuts! CUTIE-PIES.

 Sarah has amazing hair! I freshened up her base with a rich dark brown and brightened up her ombre! She looks amazing! 
Jessica is getting married next week and wanted to do a rich all over brown! She has amazing shiny hair to work with! I love how full her hair looks now! She is going to be a stunning bride! 

 (Matron of Honor/ the sister)

// lots of weddings this season //

(Mother of the Groom)

I had fun with this bridal party for many reasons! 
1. They are my buddies
2. They have amazing hair! 
3. I love braids and baby's breath! 

 (flower girl)

(Sister to Groom/Bridesmaid)

Here is the bride before I put baby's breath in! I barely curled her hair, I went with her natural wave/body. I used fishtail braids and regular braids in her style! She looked soooo beautiful! 

 Happy LLW!!!!! 

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