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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Master Bath REVEAL

I am really excited to show you our Master Bathroom! We have been working on over the past week! It is amazing how little upgrades makes such a huge difference. I am in love with our little "spa"! 

When we moved in, our bathroom looked like this……

After moving in, we just hung up some items and went with it. (notice the towel rod below/is gone now)

This is the Master Bathroom Mood Board that I created before getting started! 

 Here is my space now!  New paint. New shelves. New towel hooks. New display for art/candles! I love it!

Katie Daisy print from Etsy!

One of my fav. pix of me curling Zion's hair. She was 2 here! I was pregnant with Zakiyah ;)

Candle from a boutique (wedding gift)

The shelves are Target Threshold! My oils are essential to have out….use them everyday. West Elm jar for bath salts. The two jars are TJ MAXX.

 Anthro bowls are dispursed throughout my home ;) The jar for the soap is TJ Maxx.

 Lowes plant! I copper leafed the bottom ;)

Pier One Imports iron candle holder.  It is the only one that I kept as a keepsake. We had these for our wedding! The soap dish is from Patina in Minneapolis.

West Elm paper flowers in a lovely vase from my friends. They gave me the vase the day I opened Tala!

I love mirror trays for hair/beauty products! The tray is TJ Maxx.

Zion's ear at 5 days old! Fagan Studios print. I painted the frame white!

I love turkish towels. They don't smell over time. Dry quick. Stylish.

I scored these hooks at Anthro on clearance. They match perfect!

 I used a curtain and hooks that we got for our wedding. It is from Target.

 I have two microfiber plush spa bath mats! I love them.

 I love pretty towels.

I copper leafed my black mirror for the bathroom!

Hello, relaxation…...

Details our our glass tiles that are around our tub.

What do you think? Do you like the new space? Are you working on a room in your home right now?

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Master Bathroom Mood Board!

I have been chomping at the bits to start our bathroom! I will be working on it in the next couple of weeks and can't wait to reveal it to you! I put together a little mood board for you to see the direction I am going! The bathroom has really good bones, just needs some love. I am excited to personalize the space and make it more us! My goal is to re-use as many items as possible to keep the cost really low!

1. I am going to use this fabulous paint color, Drizzle, by Sherwin Williams. I painted our stools this color too! I love the spa/fresh/tiffany blue of this color! Perfect for our bathroom!
2. I am going to be gold/copper-fying some frames!
3. Boston Ferns are pretty hard to kill. Cross your fingers.
4. I am getting rid of our towel rod and replacing it with some fun hooks! I am not sure of what hooks I will get yet!
5. I love Katie Daisy art!!!! I have a print that will be in the bathroom!
6. Oh my word, i love turkish towels. The design/ the stripes/ the fringe! Plus, they dry really fast- no stinky towels for this girl.
7. I love using fun bowls to hold bobby pins/makeup/jewelry.
8. I am going to use a crisp white shower curtain. Simple and Spa like.
9. My hus and I have a Cass glass that holds our toothbrushes. It is a beer in Korea, but we love that it has our name on it!
10. I love glass shelving to hold jars and containers!
11. Lavendar is my fav! I love these candles! They are a must for our bathroom!
12. I have two of these- in our bathroom- HEAVEN! Have you tried these amazing foam mats? They dry and wash out well and are so plush!

Excited to get started! Are you working on some spaces in your home?