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Showing posts with label art room. Show all posts

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Updates in our Art Room // Office Space

I thought it would be fun to show you some of my updates on our art room/office space! I shared with you the reveal back in May, here! This room is coming along and totally meeting the needs of our family of 4. With the Hus in grad school, wanting a place to study and escape the children when working on homework, this room meets his needs. I have always dreamed of having my art supplies out and on display, encouraging me to take a brush to canvas or doodling, without the stress of hawling things out of a storage room. My needs….met. As for Z/Z they are happy campers having their color books and crayons out, while at the same time having some of their toys in this room to encourage their imaginations! 

Update #1 -- We got a comfy chair! I scored this on Amazon for Andy's anniversary gift in August! I love the modern look of it and think it suites our room well. 

Update #2 -- We (HUS) hung the yellow peg board up. We mounted it to a homemade frame to bump it out from the wall 1" so I can have hooks in the board. ;)

Update #3 -- I brought in a lamp from another room in the house for studying at night. 

Update #4 -- I brought in a wing back chair for this space! I love the color and details of this chair. I want to eventually put this chair in our bedroom for reading. Our goal is to purchase a day bed this fall for this space for guests to sleep in here. Our home has 3 bedrooms upstairs, so it would be ideal for Grandma to sleep next to the girls if they are watching them, verses being two stories down in the basement. I have my eye on a bed, just saving! :) 

Normally, I would put a side table by the chair, but I don't want to work on this corner until I have a daybed. I love having the chair in here for now, so I can come hang with Andy when he is studying. 
Isn't the blanket perfect too? My husband's Grandma Audrey made it for us! It is a fav! I love the happy butterfly pillow too! 

I think I could have studs on every piece of furniture I own. NEVER ENOUGH.

Love the swedish design of the girls rocking horse- Olaf.

 I am attempting at keeping the ferns from outside alive this fall/winter. Say a prayer……
Still loving my copper leafed pot

Crates are a fun way to display items.

Love my studs and clips from my girlfriend,  Kati! Origrami is the best company for ordering instagram prints! 

I am always attempting to have a system of organization for our home. Lots of bins………never ending. Love my labels from Anthro I scored for $2 for big pack.

I am always rearranging and trying to come up with solutions for our family's needs. I am still wanting to finish this space with a few items:

-- bed
-- outdoor rug to protect the carpet from all the crafts
-- organize the crazy overstuffed closet

Are you working on any fall projects right now!? I am on a major purge and organizing kick, post summer life here!