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Showing posts with label ballet. Show all posts

Monday, June 23, 2014

Our little ballerina

What a way to end a fun year of ballet for Miss Zion! She had quite the fan club at her dance recital to watch her dance with her little ballerina friends! I was very proud watching her perform on the stage in front of hundreds of people! She is one special little lady. I love how ballet has taught her about grace and sophistication. She prances around the house all the time on her tip toes, showing us her moves. Ballet has taught her confidence and pride. She is one special girl! Zakiyah loved watching her sister perform! 

 We did a quick shoot at home before the big performance.

How cute is this pix!?

Zion's little buddies….. Lila and Sophia were in another performance. We got to snatch a pix of them though. 

Zion with Abby and Anna!

Zion performing with her classmates.

The grand finale.

Fav pix of the day! Daddy getting Zion off the stage :) heart overflowing…….

Zion's fan club! 
Danielson crew…..

Cass fam….

Osborns ;) (Roch grandparents)

Katherine and Cordie came up from Florida!

Bri loving on the girls! 

showing us her moves while holding her flowers! I think Zion getting flowers was her favorite! She felt the love.

The only family pix…… real life. Such is life.

It was amazing having family time with the Cass' crew. It was so fun having dinner and laughing together! My girls are so loved!!!!!

Thanks for celebrating with us family and friends! We love you!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rambling Reflections

Our three point five year old daughter, Zion, joined ballet for the school year! We are loving going to ballet every Wednesday. I am amazed at what she is learning in the 45 minute classes. I chose a Angelina the Ballerina class for 3-5 year olds. The teacher is amazing and very patient with my daughter. I am loving how ballet teaches my daughter how to be a young lady, using manners, and being graceful and feminine. 

I always wanted to have ballet and other dance classes when I was little and didn't get the opportunity. I am fully aware that I am living a little vicariously through Zion. :) It has been fun for Zion to meet new little friends as well. Yesterday, we got to observe the class for the first time! So I brought the camera to document...... (and by the way, the class has openings if any of my Roch friends are interested)

I mean....can you even stand it? So stinkin presh! 

Zion loves her class. They incorporate Angelina music, a few pages from a Angelina the Ballerina book and what not as well. Zakiyah loved watching her big sister dance! Zion has been walking around the house using ballet words now and practicing. Melt my HEART.

Zakiyah on the loose.

Below the girls are listening to Miss Kathy read the story to them. 

It is amazing as a mama to be able to observe my daughter in this setting.......standing on the sideline. Watching her grow up before me. I am always praying over my daughters, that they will be a leader, as well as allowing others to lead them. I pray that they listen and obey and show kindness, compassion, love, generosity and joy with those around them. I pray that they know where they have come from, and allow the foundation that is laid out before them to mold them and strengthen them. I pray they accept Christ's love and acceptance for them. 

I want this innocence to outlast the "norm" of what society tells us is acceptable. I want my daughters to be proud of what their names mean- and take ownership for their decisions. {Zion-presence of God.... Zakiyah-purity}I want them to be protected, but yet, be able to explore and learn from mistakes. I love how my Zion shows me how to live in the moment. Whether she is exploring in the woods, or coloring on her construction paper, she is in the moment FULLY. I love watching Kiyah develop and grow into a little person. 

I want my love, that I have for my daughters to show in my words, emotions, actions, reactions ;) , body language, discipline, and how I generally respond to everything. A quote that I stitched, hanging by my desk says, "Everything you say to your child is absorbed, catalogued, and remembered." I want to live this out........

I want to be consistent.

I don't want the mom regrets at the end of the day......battling my frustrations and dwelling on how I should have handled the 3 year old meltdown, the lack of sharing with my daughter's friends, my teething baby that is needing her mom....... It is funny how in the dark of the night, when things tend to slow down and be silent, when I am laying in my daughter's ikea toddler bed, how perspective and thankfulness smacks me in the face........ 

Please, Lord, give me grace and mercy for my girls everyday- morning. noon. and night.

I am thankful for friends that I can run to. One thing that I have learned..... is I am not alone. My life is created to share with others. Mamas who get it. Mamas who don't judge. Mamas who have the same struggles. Mamas who have the same obstacles. Having spent the past day with my old roomies from UMD- us 4 having 9 kids under 5 now....... I am overwhelmed with the chaos :) and the wonderful blessing that my God has given to me. 

I struggle with busyness. Running a business, being married to a pastor. Having a lovely family and friends. Loving the teens and our church family. Having two daughters and a wonderful husband. loving ministry. Enjoying so many things.....that keep me busy. It is never ending....my goals...my lists..my longing for balance. My desire to reach more people, connecting with new and old friends...... I am thankful for so much. I am blessed beyond measure, that is for sure..... So today, I am taking a moment and breathe. Even if its writing out this post, it is "me" time, it refuels me. 

I just want to be the best version of "me". 

I want to be a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend that I am created to be.

I want to make time for the things that I love.....reading. coffee, baths, painting my nails, walks, painting. baking and more..... that is all. ha. ha. 

I hope to continue to grow. Allowing others to pour their wisdom into me. 

Well, that was my Thursday randomness.........thanks for reading.