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Monday, June 23, 2014

Our little ballerina

What a way to end a fun year of ballet for Miss Zion! She had quite the fan club at her dance recital to watch her dance with her little ballerina friends! I was very proud watching her perform on the stage in front of hundreds of people! She is one special little lady. I love how ballet has taught her about grace and sophistication. She prances around the house all the time on her tip toes, showing us her moves. Ballet has taught her confidence and pride. She is one special girl! Zakiyah loved watching her sister perform! 

 We did a quick shoot at home before the big performance.

How cute is this pix!?

Zion's little buddies….. Lila and Sophia were in another performance. We got to snatch a pix of them though. 

Zion with Abby and Anna!

Zion performing with her classmates.

The grand finale.

Fav pix of the day! Daddy getting Zion off the stage :) heart overflowing…….

Zion's fan club! 
Danielson crew…..

Cass fam….

Osborns ;) (Roch grandparents)

Katherine and Cordie came up from Florida!

Bri loving on the girls! 

showing us her moves while holding her flowers! I think Zion getting flowers was her favorite! She felt the love.

The only family pix…… real life. Such is life.

It was amazing having family time with the Cass' crew. It was so fun having dinner and laughing together! My girls are so loved!!!!!

Thanks for celebrating with us family and friends! We love you!

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