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Showing posts with label burlap. Show all posts

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

handmade goodies

I am a huge fan of anything handmade with love. I always have a hayday on Etsy browsing homemade items. Having Tala Hair Studio is a good way to support my friends/family's talents by having their items for sale. My sister in law, Katie has the cutest shop on Etsy selling anything burlap. It is all the craze right now and I love her wreaths. I have them on both of my doors. She is selling them at the local flower shop in Rochester too, Flowers By Jerry. I love that they are trendy, cozy and great for year round. Both of my wreaths are for sale at my house. 

Front door love.....this one is $35. i love it. simple. and perfect.

the one below is in my studio. it has 3 daisies on it. this on is $38. i love it.

 My mom made these beauties. Aren't they awesome? They are mini wallets. Perfect for chapstick/lip gloss, biz cards, credit cards/money. They have dividers and a loop to grab. All of them have a snap too. I use one for biz cards and another for gloss. They are only $12.


I have these four right now. My mom is custom making them for anyone too. She uses all designer fabric. They are only $12.  Stop by if you are interested.

Inspired. Winter is my time to create. Off to paint a canvas....