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Showing posts with label handmade. Show all posts

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

handmade goodies

I am a huge fan of anything handmade with love. I always have a hayday on Etsy browsing homemade items. Having Tala Hair Studio is a good way to support my friends/family's talents by having their items for sale. My sister in law, Katie has the cutest shop on Etsy selling anything burlap. It is all the craze right now and I love her wreaths. I have them on both of my doors. She is selling them at the local flower shop in Rochester too, Flowers By Jerry. I love that they are trendy, cozy and great for year round. Both of my wreaths are for sale at my house. 

Front door love.....this one is $35. i love it. simple. and perfect.

the one below is in my studio. it has 3 daisies on it. this on is $38. i love it.

 My mom made these beauties. Aren't they awesome? They are mini wallets. Perfect for chapstick/lip gloss, biz cards, credit cards/money. They have dividers and a loop to grab. All of them have a snap too. I use one for biz cards and another for gloss. They are only $12.


I have these four right now. My mom is custom making them for anyone too. She uses all designer fabric. They are only $12.  Stop by if you are interested.

Inspired. Winter is my time to create. Off to paint a canvas....

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Zion's Quilt

I am so excited for Zion's new quilt for her big girl bed! My mom, BJ, has been working on this for a few months now! We are stoked. My mom has been quilting since I was a girl, but has gotten very passionate about it in the last 5 plus years with being a "empty nester" and having time to enjoy her hobbies. She made Zion a baby quilt when I was expecting her. It is adorable.....a caterpillar which is so cute and fun.

This is me with the quilt when I was preg with Zion. But now, my mom got to have a bigger task of making a full size quilt for Z. I picked out the pattern a while back for her to go off of. I have been a fan of Chevron ( like everyone else ) and wanted something with that implemented. I love how it is a little bit traditional yet fun at the same time. Zig-Zag seemed very appropriate for a girls room too:)

I just googled Chevron quilts til i found a fav for my mom to use. This is the pattern I loved! Next up, was picking out the fabric for it. My BFF Jody sells designer fabric on Etsy and I was so thrilled when I found this line she was selling. It is Joel Dewberry- Heirloom.

I love color! I think the vintage floral with the graphics are so fun for a girls room! I m so excited for Zion to have this for years to come. We picked 8 of the patterns out for the quilt....

So then it began....the quilting process for my mom:) Today, my husband Andy and I got to see the quilt and I m in LOVE with it. Zion actually showed us it. She is just as excited as I am. It is so fun to see how my little 2 year old comprehends everything these days.  My mom had it laying on the bed in their guest bedroom for us to see it. It still needs the backing and trimmings etc. but the hours have definitely been put in. My mom was even up til like 1am last night sewing it for it to be ready for viewing. So here it is:

Isn't it awesome? The pix from my iPhone don't do it justice. here is a detailed shot of the work:

I can't wait to put it in Zion's new room! I will make sure to update all of you on more pix of it with better lighting once it is done. I must do some room progress pix too! We are currently getting ready to put Zion in the "guest bedroom". So Baby sister can go in the current nursery. Zion will be getting a bunk bed and we will definitely be decorating and making it fun. Her sister will share rooms with her in a couple years. :) but right now we are focusing on getting her transitioned well before baby arrives in August. So the quilt will be a bit big, but I want it to be perfect for when Z has a full size bed down the road! I m so excited. I will keep ya updated with room reveals and such :) 
have a great weekend! off to a wedding reception.....