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Showing posts with label house rules. Show all posts

Monday, March 25, 2013

Family Rules Art

I have been wanting to make a family rules sign for a couple of years now! They are all over Pinterest. I have pinned some favorites over time for inspiration. My favorite one was this one:

I loved the text. the words. the simplicity. so i went with it. inspired.....GO!

Back in the summer, when we were building my studio, my husband and i were hooked up with Old Navy shelving units here in Rochester! Our store was moving locations and started fresh with everything new. So we have used the shelves for the general purpose, but also ART! as you can see here...

They started out like this. So I taped them off and painted them with paint as a base/foundation/back drop. I had extras laying around so I thought It would be perfect. So I started this project over a year ago.....whoops. It has been on the "list" to finish for months! So below, is what I did a year ago. 

I wanted to add more text and make the letters more bold. I also wanted to add some floral to it and some gold! Like everyone else, I am obsessed with gold/glitter right now! Here is the finished product!

I love it! We are going to hang it up in our dining room! So fun. Does your family have House Rules? or a motto? I love having the uplifting words as a reminder to our fam. Happy Monday! If you would like me to make you some House Rules, Contact me anytime! I love making custom art! xoxoxo