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Monday, July 21, 2014

I create

I have been trying to do something for myself everyday …… even if it is sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee. or reading a magazine. or making a phone call. or painting my nails. quick….yet, very satisfying. One thing that refuels me is…. painting. 

I still can't get over my art space at home that Andy helped create with/for me! I have been on a water-color kick for painting :)  …. Friday, I took a break from the craziness and painted…..

obsessed with this song……SINKING DEEP by Hillsong Young & Free. I needed it hung in my creative space. I made a 11x14 painting! 

 I also made this fun and playful print! It is 8.5x11 
I am excited to frame it! It is HAPPY! 

Awhile back, i shared these on instagram…. but, had to show you the terra-cotta pots I bought! I taped off triangles and used copper and gold leaf on them. After that, I sealed them with a glossy sealant to help protect them! I put cactus' and succulents in them! My fav!!!!!

I am loving them on my mantel! Happy plants for SUMMER!

Have you been creating anything lately!? Please share….. Summer inspires me like nobody's biz. 

Happy Monday!!! I am off to camp with the youth group……… I have a big post for ya ready for Lock Love Wednesday! 

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Oh My WORD!!!!!! I am in LOVE with our new office/art/creative space/ play room!!!!!! We are still fine tuning and finishing up details, but I just couldn't wait to show you! I am in love with the room! It is totally us! My hus nailed it with the desk!!!!!!!  

Here is the room when we moved in- 

Check here for more pictures of it when it was Zakiyah's room!

and now!!!!!!

Andy used butcher block for the counter/ the legs are from trees in our back yard! We still have to mount the peg board. ( I WILL POST MORE NEXT WEEK ON THE DETAILS ON EVERYTHING)

Something that is really important to me is having the room fit my family's needs, not just mine. I wanted a space for Andy to study (he is getting his masters), me to create, and the girls to have fun and play! This cart holds their stamps/coloring books etc. 

Zion (left) and Zakiyah at 6 months! Finally framed and up! 

The desk is big enough to have two chairs at it! 

( I spy some building going down on across the street!!!!!! ) 

What do you think? Do you love it as much as me?! Best mother's day gift ever! Thanks HUS! Now, come on over and create some art with me! 
Check back next week for the details on this space……..