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Friday, April 27, 2012

Zion Leilani Favs

It is crazy how when you become a parent how often we say, "It goes so fast." or "I never want to forget this." Andy and I often say that we are in the "best days" of our lives right now. makin the mems:) Then there is the guilt of I should be taking more pictures, more vids, journaling more etc. But, it is true. All I want to do is put these moments that are so simple that overwhelm my JOY jar of life and remember them forever. I thought I would jot down a few of my favs right now.....

First off, Zion lingo. Holy cow is this girl talking sooo much....
"surkey" is turkey. which is she is obsessed with watching in our backyard/woods. she even copies how they eat. ha.
"ay" is hair. so, "mommy, do my ay" is a normal thing I hear. along with, "fe-her" for feather.
"apple juice" is all smoothies, juice. she loves. Inta Juice is her fav of course! minus the strawberries and dairy.

She loves wearing her Dora underwear over her diapers. comfort I guess.
She loves playing with daddy outside/in the woods.. We have awesome neighbors that she plays with. "Syd" Sydney, "Bom" Brom, "Colun" Collin, "Care-Rine" Caroline.
"Bub-ules" Bubbles. obsessed. we seriously have to bring them with everywhere.
"bight out" bright out. this child is so sensitive to the sun. in the car, she has to have her "ga-ga's" googles, aka sunglasses on to protect her from the rays. We constantly have to re-direct her so she is looking away from the sun. Also, when I give her breakfast, we often have to close the curtains in the kitchen so the sun is not in her eyes.

She loves everything with pockets. So her sweatshirts must have them. I love how she stands like her daddy too. It makes my heart melt.
"fip-fops" flip-flops. are worn a lot. It is between fip-fops and rain boots on a daily basis.
"mommy sa-fe" is mommy coffee. I m a fan I guess. ha.

I love how when I ask Zion, "How much does mommy and daddy love you?" she responds with, "very much". Also, when we put her down for naps and bedtime, she always says "mommy daddy nap?" when we lay her down in her crib. Which we say, "yes, Zi. We are going to bed too. "
When I fill up the water pitcher in the morning for Tala, She knows right away that mommy "wer" work.

Z loves to paint and color.
Z loves the color pur-pur (purple)
Z loves to hold and take care of her babies. bouncing with them. shhhh-ing them like I do with her when she is upset. feed them. change their diapers. etc.
Z loves pointing out mommy and daddy's "sar" car.
Z loves her almond mil(k) and goat cheese.
Z loves playing with her little friends.
Z loves to say hi to my baby in my belly! and give her kisses and hugs. precious.
Z loves to sing Baby Beluga, Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Happy Birthday.
She is tender hearted! Sensitive. Hilarious. Loving. Crazy and our little blessing!

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