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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


sometimes i can't get over how fast the days go....especially since i have had Zion. It is the weirdest concept of remembering life without her and how much my life has changed in 2 years, and a few days shy of 2 months. crazy town! the days tend to flow together so beautifully. i feel so blessed having this child that calls me "mom" or "momma". 
this pix below was taken a year ago. i love it. i just stumbled upon it tonight. it makes my heart smile! why? well, for many reasons....
It reminds me of my favorite time: mornings. now, pre-mom Christy hated mornings... i still am not a big fan of lots of talk but I cherish the mornings now.  it is funny how early Andy and I get up, willingly, now that we are parents. or is it because we are in the 30's ? :)
But honestly, mornings are beautiful. I get to be Zi every morning. She is so funny how she will yell for me in the morning from her crib. she is just like me sometimes, impatient. She will yell, " mom" over and over til i come. and lately she has a story for me. the topics are usually about her dirty diaper, or the book she is "reading" or about her babies! She is so cuddly to, which i m a fan of. we always head downstairs to either cuddle on the couch with her "lovie and num-num" or have some "ce" cereal and "milk". depending on the morning. Z loves to watch word world and elmo on the iPad for bfast. and as for me, i brew my one and only coffee of the day (thanks to prego-hood) but i adore.
I love how the sun shines in our house in the mornings...getting me ready for the day. i love how zion is extra affectionate with me in the mornings. i love how she looks at me and smiles, while saying "hi mommy". i love how she will have 3 bowls of cereal before she is full. i love how we have our vitamins together. i love how it is the "slow" part of my day.  i love how usually babies have to sit with her as do i. " sit mommy sit" or "eat mommy eat". i love how its our time. our routine. our alone time. especially with me doing hair, i work nights during the wk so i cherish my 8 ams with my Zion Leilani.
i m blessed.
this pix above, is Z lying upstairs in her jammies :)
cuddles with lovie, num num and her mama!

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