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Friday, September 28, 2012

3 Things

Three things I am currently loving right now for my hair.......
Serious Conditioner! This has been been a staple for my hair for over 5 years now. It is by far the best deep conditioner I have used. It has sunflower seed oil and peppermint extract. It rocks!!! I use it once a week. It is perfect for all hair types. dry scalp issues. post summer dry hair. great for rebuilding your strength and protein for the hair. It smells heavenly! I love it. all you do is leave it in your hair for 5 minutes...and wa-lah! Its only $26 for a tube and lasts forever!
Another thing I can't live without for styling my hair is my teasing brush by Monroe. It is made of  100% boar bristles. It adds volume and is heat resistant. One of the main reasons why it is beneficial to use a teasing comb verses a brush or normal comb is this prevents breakage and spilt ends. It is easy to use and awesome. They are $15 and well worth every penny.

Oh Moroccan Oil, how I love thee. This product has won so many awards for many great reasons. It is the staple for styling my hair. I love it on every hair type. It creates a barrier when you apply in wet hair for styling. That way heat won't affect it. It is great for adding weightless shine and creating volume. Moroccan Oil prevents breakage and spilt ends. I sell it in two sizes- one is $17 and $43. The big bottle should last a year. All you need is one pump. You can apply in wet/damp hair or dry hair. Oh and did I mention how great it smells. The aroma is amazing. You will love.
If you need any of these products, come on in to Tala. Mention this blog post and I will give you 15% off.
Happy Friday!

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