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Thursday, January 24, 2013

valentines love

I have an obsession with holiday/seasonal decor. I am not one of those people to go overboard through the whole house but I love to add colors to pair with the season. Having a mantel--is my love. It is a great focal point. I love that it can showcase a collection/theme of what I have for the season. Today I started decorating for love day. I love V day. Why? Andy and Zion's birthday is on Feb. 19 so I like that it goes along with it. I love teaching my girls what is to love. How to love? Who to love? God's love. I love red. It is my favorite color. I love hearts. They make me happy. Here is my mantel love. I am going to post later on my past year of mantels to show you my obsession :)

Yesterday, I started a painting. Andy and I had stretched this canvas a few years back for our old house. It has been sitting in storage since we moved in. So I painted over it with cream acrylic paint and let it dry before going for it. I used all acrylic paint. I mod podged some paper doilies on there too. I wrote random words/phrases from I Corinthians 13. MY FAV. It is a reminder for me in how I choose to live.

The feather/mirror/heart wreath are Target. The clock is TJ MAXX. The C is Restoration Hardware. THe birdie is Hobby Lobby, spray painted by me with red. The Candle sticks are a wedding gift from Marshall Fields. The 3 books are from my Great Grandma Edna. They are very special to me. I made the felt garland last v day at a art night! I used felt/embroidery floss/and yarn. I duct taped the wreath to the mirror back.

 I am planning on doing some fun V day theme craft, "pro-jecks" with Zion too. While I painted yesterday, She made this painting. I just gave her 4 colors and let her go to town. I then took stamps and put the word "love" on it in 5 places. I had pink leather ribbon and taped it on to hang the masterpiece. That Z is so proud. LOVE.

Are you doing anything fun for the holiday? Do you have any traditions you would like to share? Loves.


  1. I love the hand heart art! I need to do that with Hudson. I dream of one day having my own mantel to decorate!

    1. Sara- You should do it! I love it. It is crazy how much I love kid art....such good mems to document. you and your mama should do it! that way she can help you with the clean up! xoxoxo

    2. btw- I dreamed of my mantel too. it is obnoxious how much i wanted it.