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Sunday, January 27, 2013

mantel love

As many of you know, I love decorating my mantel. I switch it up all the time. I love how it changes the palette and feel of the living room. I tend to stick with the holiday theme. I don't have a picture of all my mantel themes but here are a few highlights from the 2012 year. enjoy....

 This is from Valentines day last year. I made the felt garland and kept my mirror garland from Crate&Barrel up from Christmas for Valentines. I actually kept a lot of my reds up from the Christmas season. Zion and I made the hand "heart" together and I put it in a West Elm frame. I got the "CELEBRATE" flag banner at a boutique in Red Wing. We hung the celebrate up for a week for Andy/Zion's birthday. (2/19) 

Here is a close up of Zion's hand art. 

For spring, I kept it easy. I just gathered random pieces from my house. 

Moroccan Candle holder/ Moroccan pottery piece/ blue birdies are from TJ Maxx. The red flower vase is from Anthro. The mirror and green grass are Target. I think the clock is from Hobby Lobby or TJ Maxx.

 I love the 4th of July! It is so fun. I think the whole red,white and blue concept is so fun. My blue vases are from a antique store in Duluth. I grabbed wooden blocks from Zion's collection and wrote out, "happy 4th". Isn't it cute?

For fall I put up some gourds and such. I painted a canvas that I am still loving. Isn't it beautiful? I love Fall colors. They are my favorite!!!! They fit my personality. 

 Christmas is always a fun holiday to decorate. I had Andy drill a hole in our beloved rock for me to hang wreaths/art. It took some convincing, but it adds so much. 

Do you like to decorate a mantel or shelf? Do you have a favorite season to decorate for? 

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