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Showing posts with label valentines. Show all posts

Friday, February 14, 2014

Cass Life // Valentines Edition

Happy Valentines Day!!!!! I love this holiday! It gets a lot of gruff from people, but I have always loved it. Single or not. I remember being 19 and getting a bouquet of flowers from an anoymous friend, "I am waiting for you! Love, Your Knight and ShiningArmor!" I have always taken 2.14 to show my peeps they are special! I love spoiling Andy, Zion and Zakiyah! Love all around! We made lots of cards this week for the holiday! 

We picked up these cute envelopes at Hobby Lobby and put a foam sticker and sucker in each one. Zion addressed 35 total! She did wonderful! Her little classmates were so excited for the party at church.

I found this free printable here! I loved doing a candy alternative! Plus, I tend to say "lame sauce" and this was a little more positive! Zion colored the tops to put on. We brought these to my friend's daycare to celebrate with her kiddos!

I found this lovely idea on Bonnie's blog! (She is one of my favs) I didn't use sticker paper like it said. I just used paper and double stick tape. My hus loves tea and I thought it would be fun and sweet to surprise him with this! I chose a Hot Spicy Cinnaman Sunset for the flavor // perf for V Day. I also got him so new shoes to spoil him, considering he has been duct taping the bottom of his to not get water in them;)

I got the ladies some adorable Zubel yarn dolls. Mermaid and Ballerina! They have napped already today in Zion's room! 

Zion has been walking around in her night gown for a day now! She got it as a trade in for all the candy she has collected from V Day. I have fun with all the exchanges, but can not handle the whining/negotating for candy. Problem solved…..

Not sure if you checked out my Bathroom Reveal yesterday! I am in heaven when I am in this new favorite room!

 CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!!!!!! Prepping for a 4th birthday party! Check out my ballerina! Zakiyah and Zion are stoked to celebrate. Five days of Zi/Andy starts tomorrow. Their birthdays are on 2.19! Tinkerbell party is under way…...

This little lady is offically 18 months next week! She is hilarious. Offically, kissing us all the time…..trying to talk. Yells "Mama, DaDa, Zi and Kiyah"! We are chasing after her and keeping her safe. Ha. But, man she knows how to make me laugh! Love her so much.

My dear friends had their first baby girl (third child) this week! Look at her! What a miracle! Her name is Zayda Ever Dawn! She is loved so much by many!!!!!!

 Happy Valentines! Loves to all my THL friends. Thanks for sharing this space with me!

{Link up with Jeanett and Lauren}

Friday, January 24, 2014

Valentines guide!

Valentines is such a fun holiday to celebrate. I love showing my loved ones that I care. I put together a fun LOVE themed wish list for you today. Enjoy! 

1. How cute is this banner?! I love it! Felt is the way to go.
2. If you love literature, this is a great book for a guest room or a coffee table. 
3. Oh, Rifle Paper Co. you are dangerous. I love all of your work! I love this heart print
4. I love decorative little dishes/trays/bowls for little items in your home. This one is presh!
5. Cards are so fun to pick out! I love when cards can be art as well! I would frame this one
6. I love typography art! Especially, this one
7. Heart shaped pillows are so fun. I love gold and coral! This one is perfect! 
8. I love these little love bird salt & pepper shakers
9. I think this headband is adorable for my little ladies! I would wear it too! 
10. Heart shaped jewelry is so sweet. I love Lisa Leonard everything! 

Do you have any fun ideas for Valentines? Please share! 
Happy Love season! 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

valentines love

I have an obsession with holiday/seasonal decor. I am not one of those people to go overboard through the whole house but I love to add colors to pair with the season. Having a mantel--is my love. It is a great focal point. I love that it can showcase a collection/theme of what I have for the season. Today I started decorating for love day. I love V day. Why? Andy and Zion's birthday is on Feb. 19 so I like that it goes along with it. I love teaching my girls what is to love. How to love? Who to love? God's love. I love red. It is my favorite color. I love hearts. They make me happy. Here is my mantel love. I am going to post later on my past year of mantels to show you my obsession :)

Yesterday, I started a painting. Andy and I had stretched this canvas a few years back for our old house. It has been sitting in storage since we moved in. So I painted over it with cream acrylic paint and let it dry before going for it. I used all acrylic paint. I mod podged some paper doilies on there too. I wrote random words/phrases from I Corinthians 13. MY FAV. It is a reminder for me in how I choose to live.

The feather/mirror/heart wreath are Target. The clock is TJ MAXX. The C is Restoration Hardware. THe birdie is Hobby Lobby, spray painted by me with red. The Candle sticks are a wedding gift from Marshall Fields. The 3 books are from my Great Grandma Edna. They are very special to me. I made the felt garland last v day at a art night! I used felt/embroidery floss/and yarn. I duct taped the wreath to the mirror back.

 I am planning on doing some fun V day theme craft, "pro-jecks" with Zion too. While I painted yesterday, She made this painting. I just gave her 4 colors and let her go to town. I then took stamps and put the word "love" on it in 5 places. I had pink leather ribbon and taped it on to hang the masterpiece. That Z is so proud. LOVE.

Are you doing anything fun for the holiday? Do you have any traditions you would like to share? Loves.