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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Every week, I try and share with you a hair related post on Wednesdays, called LOCK LOVE WEDNESDAY. I always have so many ideas brewing in my head, or am dreaming of trends and colors. I love showing you Before + Afters from the studio or showing off tips and tools for you! 

This past week, I had the opportunity to attend a Salon Centric Hair Show in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin with 6 of my girlfriends in the industry. IT WAS AMAZE, to say the least. Lots of education and inspiration, which is always the perfect way to come home. I learned some wonderful techniques and concepts that I am pumped to use at Tala!

Obsessed with this look for my clients that love something edgy and different……

Jen Planck is a wonderful educator and communicator! Love this quote……

Color class was a blast…….

My ladies…….. I love my studio, but man, I miss working with my buddies. 
So great just connecting with people that have the same passions as you.

Love the softer look of color right now for hair.

 I have super exciting news!!!!!!! After lots of research on choosing the perfect line, Tala is now carrying a MAKEUP line!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooo excited! I have decided to carry Mirabella Beauty cosmetics! It is amazing, to say the least!!!!!! Paraben free. Gluten free. mineral based….all things that are important to me. I love this California-based company and am pumped. I will have the line in the studio within the next 2 weeks!!!! I am going to announce soon a Open House date for y'all to come and check it out! I have the CC Cream already in the salon. CC stands for Color Corrector. It has SPF 20, and feels light like a tinted moisturizer. YEAH!!!!! Can you tell I am excited?!

 I am being bold and brave and showing you a before + after of me without makeup and with Mirabella Makeup!!!!!!!  I took this yesterday, no filter, just me……(only took 5 minutes to apply) I am so excited to have a line that I am passionate about and believe in! I would love to educate you and do your makeup anytime! I have some hair before and afters below…...
 I got back Monday night, and worked a long day yesterday! I got to do some fun hair! I bayalogued Leah's hair. I love the dimension!!!!! We cut her hair a couple inches up too.

 This was Thea's 2nd time coloring her hair. I added in a natural blonde and brought up the length to more of bob. I curled her hair using a flat iron!

Lindsay has such a fun cut and rocks the ashy blonde look like nobody's biz. She is a babe!

Have you heard about the WET BRUSH? My word, this brush is amazing. I used it this weekend and knew you would want one too! I have a heck of a time combing my wet hair and my clients hair after shampooing. I don't know how they made this, but it makes it so easy to brush hair!!!! Halleju!

Everyone that knows me, knows that I wear headbands almost daily! I am now carrying the infamous Pink Pewter headbands that my girl, Carrie Underwood wears all the time! They are felt lined (so they don't hurt or slip) and gorg!

Also, Tala is open tomorrow from 12-6:30pm and I am running a 15% off retail all day! Stop in!

Happy LLW

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lock Love time!!!!!!!! Check out all my before/afters today!

Happy Lock Love Wednesday! I started LLW to keep this hairstylist accountable. It is so easy to get in a hair rut and not style my own hair! I have fun sharing with you anything Hair related! Today, is Before + After day! Join with me below and link up and show off your styling techniques or beautiful hair! Follow me on Instagram @ talahairlife #locklovewed and #locklovewednesday 

My ladies and their cute hair at a photo shoot last week. I am not over the floral crowns yet! love them….

Zakiyah and I rocking a mohawk bun! Check out my tutorial here ;) 
I love it when couples come in and get their hair done together! Tom + Kristin are a blast and let me freshen up their hair for fall! 
 I wanted Tom to give me the worst before pix ever ;) Zakiyah photo bomb too…..
 This was my first time cutting Kathy's hair and she was trusted me with a new look. I love how it turned out.

I have been styling lots of wedding hair lately, which I love! This is the mother of the bride!

The beautiful bride and her gorgeous hair! I gave her a fishtail/french braid after the ceremony! The couple got married on a beautiful farm in the country! My husband had the honor of officiating their ceremony! Congrats Chris + Lindsey!

I got to participate in a pony tail styling class last week and here i one of the models land my hair below! Pony tails are very popular and versatile for this fall/winter.


 Yeah for shorter hair! Sarah is a beaut!

I love this adorable short hair style on Adrienne! She has awesome hair to rock more of a pixie/cropped cut.

Tammy let me go Ombre on her! 

Stephanie was up for more a of rich base and brighter ends. She is so pretty with any shade!

Man, I love red hair! Mandy rocks red like nobody's biz. 

Felicia has a TON of hair and we wanted to lighten her look and give her hair a new life! I think this bob is adorbs on her! 

Tanya let me cut 4 inches off and I gave her cut a A line to give it texture and volume. Her hair is sassy and suites her to the max! :)

 I love this B + A!!!!!!! I gave my sister a fresh cut taking 2-4" off overall! I used a hair mask to condition and moisturize her hair too! 

Shari and her new BABE LOOK! I darkened her hair and brought it up to a nice layered bob! She is stunning!!!!!

 I love kid cuts so much! Here are some favs!

 I mean, for CUTE!!!!! 

 Kierra's B + A is one my fav looks on little girls! Thin hair or thick hair, it looks amazing!!!!!!

Happy LLW! Have a wonderful day!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Before + Afters // Lock Love Wednesday

Happy Lock Love Wednesday! I started LLW to keep this hairstylist accountable. It is so easy to get in a hair rut and not style my own hair! I have fun sharing with you anything Hair related! Today, is Before + After day! Join with me below and link up and show off your styling techniques or beautiful hair! Follow me on Instagram @ talahairlife #locklovewed and #locklovewednesday 

 Jesse is one of my dear friends that needed a mama-makeover. She has a newborn baby and 19 month old! She is busy, to say the least. I colored her hair scalp to ends with browns/caramels/blondes to brighter her look and inverted the cut to make it sophisticated! 

Kathy has amazing hair! I have been giving her bangs for a few months now and we are loving it! I colored in lowlights with the blonde highlights to add depth! 
 Jaymi wanted a ashy brown all over tint! I love it on her.

Lindsay has been rocking the double processed blonde for a month or so now! I freshened up her cut and roots, toning it with a violet hue at the color bowl! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Leah has fabulous hair! We wanted to go bold this time around. I probably foiled in 100+ foils of blonde and even ombred' tips in between the foils with blonde. I used a violet toner to break her base (roots) and freshen up her neutral (natural tone) She looks wonderful! 

Elizabeth was platinum this past spring and has been slowly adding in darker tones to give it shine and be a little less maintenance. 
 Amanda wanted a CHANGE! I colored her hair with a all over high-def red/violet. I colored her ends on the left side with bleach to brighten it up too. We ended it with doing a side shave and styling it with a bun hawk. Check out my insta for more pix ;) 
 I dreaded Louis' hair 3.5 years ago and he has been rockin the look. He came in for me to tighten them and clean them up. I love dreadlocks so much! They suite him so well! :) 
 Linda gave me the honor of chopping off her hair! I used the Deva Curl line in her hair showing this mama of 3 a quick and easy style! I love her bouncy curls! 

 Melissa was growing out her hair for a wedding and we scheduled a cut for right after the wedding She looks fabulous in a bob and cleaned up fringe. She is a babe! 
 Back to School cuts have been my life! Loving all the fresh cuts on these cute kids……….
 Ava/Grace/Isabel all came in for cuts. They are the cutest sisters! 

Autumn and Keely wanted matching bobs for school Autumn looks so darling in bangs too! I love this cut on any young lady! 

Andrea hadn't colored her hair in 4-5 months and it was time! I love her hair blonde! 

 Connie has let her hair be all natural for a few years now, which I adore. But, we decided to add depth to it again with some dark brown low-lights to give her some color! I cut her hair up a bit too, to bring out the curl. I love how it turned out!!!! 

 Danielle let me chop off her hair to a sexy asymmetrical bob. I razored it a lot to add lots of movement and texture. I used Deva Spray Gel and scrunched her hair with my hands as I dried it. I used a curling iron and Texturizing Sea Salt Spray to make it beachy and summery! I love this look sooooo much! 

  Mallorie was heading off to work after I colored her hair this beautiful strawberry blonde and let me throw her hair up for her! 3 buns with bobby pins…. easy and fun.

Have you been doing anything fun with your hair lately!?