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Showing posts with label Christmas. Show all posts

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Gift Guide for HER 2014

1. I love how classy globes can be. Timeless. This one is spendy but gorgeous.
2. The cass fam loves brekkie! All things with maple syrup, butter and the goodness. I love this waffle iron! We tend to avoid making waffles because it is too time consuming making one a time.
3. Salt + Pepper shakers would be fun to collect……. not like I want dozens but a half dozen would be fun! I love this one, "peas pass me the salt"
4. I have been lusting over Frye boots for 5+ years now. I have yet to take the plunge on these timeless, gorgeous, goes with everything boot! I love this pair on a fabulous discount site. I mean, can't you just picture me wearing these year round for the next 20 years?! RIGHT!!!!!
5. Watercolor pencils- I love the idea of using a colored pencil that you can get wet! This is great for kids and adults! I think it would be fun to do more hand lettering and sketching with these.
6. I love to bake. like in a few times a week…. it is a huge stress reliever for me. I love all things pretty when it comes to my bake ware/ serving ware. this muffin pan would be such a upgrade to my current rusty metal one.
7. Kantha anything is my fav! throws and pillows. so soft and colorful!
8. Double-sided studs. Need I say more? I love the versatility of these!!!!!!
9. Calendars should be art in your space. Rifle Paper Co. nails it every year with their vintage and nostalgic take on everything from bees, flowers or a city scape. I love this one!
10. We still haven't joined the Cast Iron Pot Bandwagon. Mainly, because of the large amount of money for one. But, man I think we would use one all the time with all the stews, casseroles, soups, dishes we make. Someday….. then there is the deciding on our fav. I love this royal blue one!
11. Rose gold. Lets just pause and reflect at how gorgeous it is. I love stacked rings and would rock this buddy all the time! Etsy has amazing options for rings………

Thanks for virtually shopping with me today!

Monday, December 30, 2013


Wow. This season was sooooo fun! I am in shock that it is over. I have been overwhelmed with how excited I am to create traditions and see the joy and excitement in my daughters eyes. 
The imagination.
The magic.
The wonder.
The coziness of the season.

Some of my favs of the season:
Reading the girls their nativity book every night.
having a Jesus birthday party.
watching lots of kids movies that are holiday related.
having Zion give her toys to friends as presents (teaching her to give)
seeing the kids sing in our church (zion)
looking at christmas lights
cuddling as a family and spending lots of time together
Christmas crafts
and so much more…..

We spent a few days with both sides of our families this year. It was great having time to relax and let our girls be spoiled by their grandparents! We stayed in jammies, watched movies, ate lots of popcorn, drank a lot of coffee, and took in the holiday. It is my present to be able to sit and enjoy my family after such a busy work season for Andy and I.  Here are some highlights:

We started our holidays out in Red Wing with my parents/sibs. My mom made my favorite (red velvet cake) and made it like a tree for Zion to decorate! We sang Happy Birthday Jesus and all! 

I love seeing my 16 month old's personality come out. We call her our little monster! She just waddles around following anyone and loves her grandparents! 

my mom and sisters and out of control hus.

Zion and my nephew- Ryder! 


The girls got a new stool with a butterfly on it! So cute.

Zakiyah got a matching backpack like her sister! 

I love the swedish heirlooms my mom has in her home. 

Cousin photo sesh.

We ate lots of yummy food and stayed cozy at my parents! Much needed. My mom helped me on the pillows that I made the girls! It was perfect. 

We kept our tradition with our friends and went on a scavenger hunt for Christmas lights! Popcorn/hot cocoa and lots of driving! :)

This season, we brought "Beagle" into our home for elf on the shelf. Maybe next year, we will be a little more extravagant with our spots she shows up in! Zion and Zakiyah loved this little morning routine of finding the elf. 

 Zion got to sing our church this year! She was soooo proud. I loved watching her with her buddies singing away.

Our church offered cocoa/cookies after service with a photo booth. My fam and stash hit it up! 

I only made one kind of cookies this year- roll out sugar cookies! They were devoured! We had old youth kids (alumni) over to help us eat them! 

On Christmas eve, Zion and I made Jesus' birthday treats! She was pumped! 

Curling My girls hair is a tradition for Christmas eve service at our church! :)

I got the girls dresses at H&M! They are sooo cute. I love how Zakiyah marches in her boots! I hit up Gap for my outfit….typical. 

After church, we come home for Jesus' birthday dinner! We make cheesy potato soup and have our nativity scene set up to eat with us! It was so good and I love having traditions with our little family. 

 After dinner, we have the girls open new jammies and a Christmas movie to watch- this year we got ELF. 

When we put the girls to bed, we set up their gifts and TEEPEE---- I was so excited to give this to them! Oh my word- so cute!!!!

Andy has started the tradition of being "Chef Andy" at their birthday parties with their friends. So the girls and I got daddy a chef hat and coat. We will monogram the coat before Zion's 4th birthday. Their friends love it! 

I started the string tradition last year. We put a string on the tree with their name on it. They follow the string throughout the home to find their big present. We got Kiyah a rocking horse and Zion a baby pram. It is a fun way to have them look for their gift. We kept their other presents simple. 

My girlfriend, Heidi, made them them these aprons! They are sooooo presh. I love the vintage and girly look to them! 

Remember my post on Gift Guide for HER?---- my hus and girls surprised me with this BEAUTY!!!!!! a commercial grade mixer! Halleju. i was shocked. We went with the chrome colored one! I am beyond excited to use this!

Christmas day,we vegged and relaxed as a family. Andy and Zion sledded on the fresh powder. We made a big brunch. It was perfect. 

 After Christmas, we headed to Wisconsin to see our Cass fam. 

We celebrated birthdays with the fam and took in more holiday traditions. Big dinners and lots of games. Phase 10 and THINGS! The girls love G&G's home! 

 Spoiled is a understatement.

Grandma got them awesome LED Christmas globe ornaments.

Gpa turned 65. 

Kiyah is fascinated with the yorkies! Her dog noises are crazy!!!!

So thankful for our family and traditions. 
It was beautiful. 
Happy Birthday Jesus.