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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Homemade Monogrammed Pillows!

Today, I am sharing with you the finished pillows that I made this past weekend! I have been wanting to make these for over a year now for the girls! I am a VERY beginner sewer and was scared to even attempt this project! My gracious mama helped me with the details and steps! BLESS HER HEART! I am soooooooo proud of myself and love how they turned out! I, of course, love my daughters names and was stoked to make the personal gift for them! 

Are they not so presh? I can't wait for them to have their room in the next few months with bunk beds and these pillows!!!!! 

My mom made the strawberry pillow for Zion for Christmas too! I made the floral and chevron pillow too! (back when I was nesting with Zakiyah) The quilt is made by my mom and the polka dot pillow is Pottery Barn Kids. 

Materials needed: 

fabric for letters! ( I used Joel Dewberry, that match the quilt) I got strips of fabric that were 6-8" wide.
pillow fabric- I used white minky. I bought 1.5 yards 
pom-poms (3+ yards)
pellan paper or freezer paper
Elmer's glue
stuffing for pillows

Pillow measurements:  Zion / 20" width and 10" height, Zakiyah / 26" width and 10" height
Add at least 1" on each side for sewing. I based my size off the letters. I free hand drew the letters with a ruler. I went with around 3.5" in height for the letters. After cutting the letters out, trace them on the paper and cut out the paper too. Iron on the letters to the paper, this will help with sewing, so your fabric doesn't slide around. 

Above is a photo of the letters resting on the pillows. I ironed on the letters (paper side on back) to secure the placement. Now you are ready to sew….. I used my machine for Zion (doing a small zigzag stitch with pink thread), for Zakiyah, I used my mom's cadillac machine (blanket stitch and blue thread) I am not a good sewer but I made it happen! 

so profresh! 

After sewing the letters on, we used the glue to place the pom-poms on the edging. Why glue? No pins needed! AMEN. Glue, and iron the glue on to seal the deal. Make sure you face the pom-poms inward/since you want it outward. (always opposite). 

a close up the glued pom-poms. 

Now, take the back and put it on top of the front. (The backside showing). I went around and pinned the front/pom poms/ back with pins being around 1" apart. I sewed this 2 separate times. Making 2 stitches. Leave a 5-6" gap to stuff pillow. 

Now flip your pillow so you can see it and stuff away! 

 After it is stuffed to your liking, hand sew (whip stitch) the gap closed! And…. you, my friends, have a lovely pillow! 

 What do you think? Do you like it? I am so excited for my girls to have these!!!!!!! 

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