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Showing posts with label Decorate. Show all posts

Monday, November 17, 2014

Tala Reveal! Yeah for change!!!!

It is amazing how a little paint and fresh art makes such a transformation in a space! This past weekend, my Hus and I revamped my hair studio! I have been living out my dream for 3 years now, and was excited to switch up the look a bit. I landed on a rich navy/grey color on the walls and fresh art! Here is the space!  Check out here for how my space used to look! 

I used acrylic paint for these two prints. The two quotes that I used were, "Wear love everywhere you go. Colossians 3:14" and "Out of your hair, your style speaks". 

I am still obsessed with my penny wall fire place! It is so beautiful! 

I hung 4 ikea frames with watercolor paintings in them. My Hus screwed in brass toned L-brackets in the corners. I love this look on frames! 

I hand painted, "Your hair is a voice." on the wall above the window!

We moved the TALA letters so that you see them right when you walk into the studio from outside!

I love these IKEA shelves for my retail. We added in a third one for more storage.

Praise for plants!

New magazine rack on the beverage cart.

I heart my new makeup line! I have CC Cream in the studio right now! The rest of the makeup will be here within a week or so! Can not WAIT! mineral based/ gluten free/ all natural.

Pretty roses in a Anthro vase at my station.

I have some DoTerra oils in the studio right now if you are interested!

Pretty bowls for my pin curls and bobby pins.

I am thinking that I want to copper leaf this mirror? Thoughts?

Love the vintage look of this light!

added another shelf above the drinks to declutter the space a bit.

This barndoor is the coolest! 

Pretty sure that towel warmers are a must in a salon!

I have been diffusing Elevation joyful blend everyday in the studio! It is my favorite scent ever!

Best polish I have ever used!!!!!

I swear that this bench was made for my space!!!!

hooks for purses and such.

What do you think? Do you likey? I am in love……… Tis the season. Now get your butt into my studio!

Monday, April 28, 2014

What makes our house a home……...

I love the little details that go into a home, to have it represent you! Having children has definitely created change within our space, to have it accommodate our needs on a daily basis! I thought it would be fun to share some of my current favs that make it…..US. 

SPRING FLOWERS!!!!!!!! I buy $4-6 bouquets at Trader Joes and spread them throughout my home! Happy // Joy // Fresh // Cozy

Our tray on our table with some favs:  Candle from gram/ Pitcher from gram with flowers / elephant S&P shakers / our dinner devo / mug rugs 

How happy and perfect is this tablecloth!!!!??? It fits my personality to a T!

Let's be real! Pie is Happiness. I made apple pie last night for our dinner! 

My little monster/ 20 month old lil lady eats by the fists full. This morning……. oatmeal shoveling in her mouth. I heart her. 

I love all of the crafts and art that my kids make in our home! Zion made this canvas at church! She is sooooooo creative! Her three words she writes daily are:  Zion + MomC ( for Christy) + and Frozen (of course)  She is also obsessed with drawing hands and painting the nails on them! 

Zion and Zakiyah painted pinecones recently too! I put them in a vase and wrapped moss and hemp on it! (I had easter eggs hanging on branches before with this vase) 

Painted rocks. 

I am obsessed with the indian fabric "kantha" throws. I have them throughout my home! I love it on my nightstand! 

We are still plugging away on getting our old nursery into a office/art room! I just painted the peg board for the space! I used a Moroccan stencil. I am soooo excited for this room to be used to it's maximum potential. 

What makes your home you? 
Happy Monday!