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Showing posts with label scenes around the cass casa. Show all posts

Thursday, November 6, 2014

I need your input...

Today's post is random….. but, when am I not random? :) Ok, so I have some ideas brewing and want your creativity! 

Meet my cute paper maché chevron side table. black. classic. but I want to switch it up……. do I spray it white? gold/copper leaf every other zig zag? Do I black and white stripe it? Do I mod podge in fabric scraps every other? Help! 

real life…. trying to snap a pix of the this table and the little lady starts setting up shop on the table. Hilarious. typical 2nd born babe.

So I snapped a few pix of this beauty.
My little ham.

As Zion is being a busy bee and playingwith her magnet dolls. Note: Summer jams and Strawberry Shortcake bandaid for 1 cm of a scratch on forehead. Day 3 of bandaid. Still hurts…… ha.

Back to my randomness….. I can not stand my mudroom……. I really want hooks for all of our bags/jackets etc. that is all… carry on….

More Christy thoughts…….. meet our dining room. See pix here and here. I have sold our mirror console table and slid the table in front of the window to open up the space. Thoughts? Ideas? I want to more a light and drop it over the table. Why move the table? I want a piano in this room on the opposite wall and to have this room used more. I hate that it sits majority or our days with no action. Do you have any ideas for me? wall ideas? etc…….. please share……..

Am I crazy? maybe……….

Meet new cheap rug from TJ Maxx. Thanks to me dumping 1/2 of a quart of "walnut" stain and ruining my favortie scarf and rug……. It was crazy- me screaming and the hus and I scrambling to clean it up before it ruined our gorgeous floors….. I like it! Thoughts?

That is all..
Carry on with your glorious Thursday.
Please share a comment below and help this sister out. 
Thanks in advance.


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Welcome to my LODGE! HOLLER

Houston, we have a barnwood wall!!!!!!!!!! My word, I AM OBSESSED and overjoyed…. all for this wall of glory. It is a GEM! It is beautiful. It changed our space. It is made with love. It is US. I love it!!!!!!!!!! 

Ever since we moved into this space we have been going over different ideas for our living room. This room is the room we are in the most. reading/ playing/ resting/ entertaining/ writing/ conversating/ laughing/ eating…… We decided we wanted to do the barnwood wall and paint the walls for now….

 The living room when we moved in.

The space last fall….

and now!!!!!  (I spy a 4 year old on the couch) I still have to finish up the painting and hang the curtains. I will post more next week the details of how we did this project. Isn't it dreamy? I wanted it to feel like a retreat or a lodge. We intentionally do not have a tv on our main floor. The only TV we have is in our basement, wanting to shut off the noise on a daily basis. We did upgrade and get speakers in our living room this summer, which has been a big upgrade for our love for music on 24/7. Andy did a great job on the wall. I love the character of the wood.

We used the same wood from my in law's land. The wood was a old shed. We used it for our barn door in the studio and our farm table too! (more on the table here)

Andy snapped some details shots of the wall for me, here they are.

 We pressure washed the wood, pickled the wood, and sealed it with a poly sealant. I love the Z pattern on the bottom half and the vertical panels by the windows!

We like the texture it brings to the space. Andy kept it in it's original character, which I adore.

I will share pix soon of the curtains and the other angles in the space. I re-did the gallery wall, of course! I painted the living room a light grey! The color is Sherwin Williams- Requisite Gray It used to be beige, this color is much more us! My buddy, Kristin helped me a ton with her Type A-ness and edged for me! PTL. I still have to paint up the stairs and upstairs hallway. soon…soon….hopefully….;)

What do you think? Have you used barn wood at all in your home?

Also, a shout out and thank you to my in laws for the wood! and big thanks to Andy's buddies for helping him with wall and lending him the saw (Mike) :) You rock!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Getting myself some curb appeal!

Curb appeal is a funny thing! It makes such a difference, and I tend to be obsessed with going on walks or drives and looking at homes for inspiration. Curb appeal tends to be put to the back burner for home owners often times with so much to do on the inside. This is our 4th summer living in our home and I have been begging the Hus to landscape and make our yard "us"! This summer, we started the process. Our buddies were here from Florida back in June, and Cordie took on the project with me! We used rocks from my friends house, that is being built across the street and mulch from our neighbors wood chipper! I used plants from friends and hit up the local green houses! 

This is what our house looks like now! It is a working progress, but I feel much better about it! Having people over ALL THE TIME with ministry/friends/clients for the studio, it means a lot to me to have our house feel WELCOMING! 

This is the house when we were looking at it back in 2010.

This is last summer after I painted the door for the second time.

and now……

I am excited to see the perennials grow and bloom every year. 

My kids are always apart of the pictures :)

I couldn't have done this without our friends! THANKFUL! I planted lots of ground cover, lavender, baby's breath and fun variety of pine. 

Still on the the curb appeal list of dreams: 
window boxes (white)
corbels of some sort in the peaks
hardware on the garage doors

my lavender. favorite scent ever.

Wouldn't a window box and shutters just be perfect?! 

 We almost took out these 3 rose bushes in the Spring. We thought for sure they were dead. I am so happy they survived! Amen for rose food! 

What color shutters do you think I should do? Colonial yellow? Rust? a blue? or dark grey? 

Happy Thursday friends!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Cass LIFE- weekly recap

It's been a great week for us! Celebrating Mothers Day, grilling, working lots, playing outside and getting lots done! We are forcing it to be Spring---- It has been crazy "cold" for MN this season! 

Found this gem of Zion with her buddies:  Lila and Sophia! Presh.

Zakiyah chilling with Grandma Beege. She lives in these sunnies from Caroline! Love her!

The GO CART is a hit on Dunlap Lane! 

Zion is all about giving us a show everyday- Dance party/ Ballet/ acting………. She is full of it!

These pix are taken on mothers day! WOW! I am so blessed. Motherhood is a crazy ride. I can't get over the guilt, the joy, the doubt, the lack of patience, the attempt to managing our schedule, the lists…. but at the end of the day…… all that matters is that I am doing my best. Loving Zion Leilani and Zakiyah Nova to the max. Affirming them. Hugging them. Believing in them. Providing a safe home and praying over them………. BLESSED.

My Z's

(Mike and Andy you made the blog. ha. ) I love the projects we have going on our land right now! Sooooooooo exciting. Love our woods! 

Started a fairy garden. Need I say more? 

cozy corner by the studio door :)

happy spring…. happy rug.

our monster climbing…..caught in action at The Gate!  

and in case you missed it….. we have a office/art room!