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Friday, September 7, 2012

Zakiyah Nova's Nursery

There is nothing better than decorating a room. Seriously, it is an addiction and passion of mine. My husband gets so annoyed with my desire to create work for him. You can call it nesting. You can call it a healthy dose of baby prep. I feel like it bonds you with your baby while you are pregnant. We use a bassinet in our room for the first month or so. But after that, I spend a lot of time in this precious room. So why not make it beautiful. The nursery was Zion's nursery when we moved in. We just moved her into a different room across the hall in June. When we moved into our home back in December 2010, we didn't do anything crazy to the room. We just set up our current things I had. I always planned on customizing both rooms once we were expecting baby #2. Our plan is to have it as a nursery for a couple years then have the girls in Zion's room. So the current nursery will be a office/art room/guest room. So When I picked out the paint color, I wanted something bright and light without being too baby for the future needs of the room. 

Here is the area shot of the room. Its a color called Frostwork by Sherwin-Williams. I love how it is a good mix of vintage, blue/grey/green, bright and cheery. Its perfect. The crib is craigslist from when I was preg with Zion. I got the chair/ottoman from my parents when I was pregnant with Zion. 

Details of the amazing quilt my mom made for Zakiyah. I got it in the hospital as a gift. It is perfect.

Here is a picture of the closet and door. I got the birdie hook at Pottery Barn Kids on clearance. The dress is from my mom. It was my Great-Great-Grandparents....so we are talking 120+ years old. How awesome. I just had pictures taken with Kiyah wearing it too. I will post those later:) It is very special to me. I got 3 dresses total.

This is the crib.... I made the pillow cover with jody fabric. I followed a tutorial on everydaybeautiful
The sheets are target from when I had Zi. I got the Piggy from my sister Chels. The Lamb is from my friend Amy- they are the infamous stuffed animals from England called Jelly Cat. Which is where my friend Amy lives. :) The ugly doll is a Cass fav. from our friend, Matt Call.

The birdie close up with the awesome wrinkled dress :)

 Jody made me the flags. I HEART!!! with Jody fabric of course.

I already had the dresser from BabiesRUS but updated the look with Anthro knobs. On Clearance, of course. I like how they are art deco.

I hit up Pinterest for inspiration for the art. I love this scripture. It is a good one for us to be reminded of often.

I painted this for Zakiyah a couple days before she was born!

Here is a shot of the gallery. I quickly got some pix framed for now after she was born. After I get my Fagan pix, I will be changing them out. I am Type A what can I say. priorities..... the top left frame says, " let her sleep for when she wakes..she will move mountains." AMEN. the cross is from our friends, who own a flower shop. It says, "I will hold you always in the palm of my hands." Isaiah 41:13.The art on the right upper side is what Zi made for Kiyah. The two frames on the right are by my fav artist, Sabrina Ward Harrison. The bottom left frame is from our friends, and the girls Rochester Grandparents- Bruce and Sherry. Its recycled barn wood- I LOVE.

A shot the right wall.

My mobile is Pottery Barn kids, another clearance gem. I got it when I was pregnant with Zion. I love felt and the the floral fabric. So feminine and girly:)

Here is the lamp I whipped up. I tore apart the existing shade and asked for scraps from Jody and tied knots every 1" or so. I love it. I got the idea from Pleated Poppy.

Here it is with the light on. I put a low watt bulb in...nice and dim for nursing and story time. I have had the eiffel tower base since college. All of my doilies are from my grandma Cherie. They mean a lot to me as well.

 good ole birdie clock....i adore.

 I painted the table a light grey. It was a quarter find for my rents at a garage sale when I was in college. I added a glass knob to fancy things up a bit. I got the chevron basket at my fav. place...TJ MAXX. Holler.

Patina butterflies...precious.

 Hand sanitizer in a fancy pink soap dispenser. i despise the ones they come in.

Here is my Gold Rush $3 shelf. I had my dad paint the same grey as the table. I sanded it down after to rough it up. I got the name plate from my cousin Lynn. I love it. Its a Pinterest goody as well.

 The wooden shoes are HAND CARVED by Grandpa Wayne. They mean a lot to us...so special.

 The "DREAM" letters are metal and fab. They are Pottery Barn. I have had them for 12+ years. Something I bought in college for above my bed, justifying my expensive, unrealistic-broke-college-girl purchase with, "they will go in my daughters room someday". ha. but I still love them!

The ABC's are on a cork board wrapped in burlap. This was a access to something. It is so random/ it was a big piece of wood so we made it look custom. random turned into purpose. I got the mirror when I was preg with Zion- Target. the Bookshelf is Goodwill. Baskets-TJMaxx. the Birdcage/for hair pretties is from TJMaxx too.

 I got the ABC's from zulily...love. and covered the clothes pins in scrap paper. I m not in love with the use of the board yet. probably will switch out with time....good for now.

So there it is....i love it. so fun.....hope you enjoyed!