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Thursday, June 13, 2013

cass life

Been a fun week as usual. thought I would share with you some highlights. 

Princess Tea Party with Sophia and Lila.

On the menu: 
Tropical Carrot Juice
animal crackers
(the finest for the these lovely ladies)

Rainbows graduation for Zion! She is in a preschool program at church. It was fun to celebrate.

art projects with mama

Our youth group does Summer Tribal Warfare every summer. Think Survivor! with 100 teens. It is a blast! My team is Argon- I got together with Noelle (nanny/youth girl) and we created some shoes yesterday for the opening ceremonies. We mean biz!

We took some white canvas shoes and used fabric markers by Crayloa to modify them with the tribal motif. 


Noelle's are above. Aren't they cute?

Kiyah is a week shy of being 10 months. She still isn't crawling. She is sooo close! She loves clapping. waving. rocking in crawling position. She says, "mama-mama" all the time now! Love her

Ryan in his Tribal costume!

Amanda and I are on Argon together. We are representing Forever 21. Wear it proud.

I look scary. crazy. and out of control. So fun though.

Zion loves being on our team! She was so excited to the events.

My pal, Sarah, brought her girls to hang out during youth. They were soooo cute!

Amber holding Kiyah.

Opening Ceremonies.

Kati hanging with the ladies.

The girls love the skate park......i mean....slide :)

I had to capture daddy and Zakiyah this morning. Two things to note:  yes she wore the outfit to bed.....didn't get home until 10. Second, snot dripping......bummer. Still cute though.

Happy Thursday. 
The sun is shining in Rochester. 
Pool and boat day.

Friday, March 22, 2013


HELLO! I am so excited that it's the weekend! We have some fun stuff planned and I am ready! It has been a very wintery week, even though it is S-P-R-I-N-G! I am coping with this brisk weather by keeping our fireplace on, fresh flowers everywhere, pastel nail polish, being crafty with my girls, and baking. Oh the baking.......such an addiction of mine. Here are some high lights from my week:

I have so many pictures of my daughters in the mornings! Never enough, though. I just can not get over their sweetness when the sun is shining in. the cuddles. the smiles. the jammies. and the bond they have. (Kiyah is cutting 4 stinkin teeth. Lord, Help me.)

Andy and I have been hosting like crazy. Like everyday this past week....but it has been great. We got to have our dear friends, Bruce and Sherry, over for dessert. They are amazing, Godly people. They are friends. Mentors. Partners in ministry. Real. I made America's Test Kitchen Chocolate Bundt Cake with homemade whipped cream and raspberries. We made them a Cafe Miel too! (well, right.) yum! 

 Oh my goodness, does this 3 year old act like her........mother. ha. She woke up the other day, starting her day like normal. She was opening her dresser drawer and scratched her hand on the knob....and this is what happened. A day full of "Dramaticistis" FOR REAL! "Mommy, I only have one finger (hand)." and "Mommy, I can't wipe myself" and "Mommy, I can't eat." and "Mommy, Pay (pray) for my hand." and so on. It was hilarious! Thank You to everyone who follows my Instagram and was praying for Zion Leilani. The prayers were answered. She is going at it again. 2 hands. 2 feet. and one spunky attitude. 

Our youth group, THE GATE, had an awesome All Nighter this past weekend. It was full of GaGa ball, sugar, pancake bar, crazy dance party, The Oz and lots of chaos. I hit up the church while my littles were sleeping to spend some time with my peeps. It was a blast! 

I have been getting a lot of art projects done at home. I needed this. I needed to get out my paint brushes, turn on pandora, light some candles and breath in the creativity. I finished up my House Rules for Cass Casa! I will reveal my art in the next few days! Check back! Happy Friday! Have a blessed weekend. 

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