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Thursday, June 13, 2013

cass life

Been a fun week as usual. thought I would share with you some highlights. 

Princess Tea Party with Sophia and Lila.

On the menu: 
Tropical Carrot Juice
animal crackers
(the finest for the these lovely ladies)

Rainbows graduation for Zion! She is in a preschool program at church. It was fun to celebrate.

art projects with mama

Our youth group does Summer Tribal Warfare every summer. Think Survivor! with 100 teens. It is a blast! My team is Argon- I got together with Noelle (nanny/youth girl) and we created some shoes yesterday for the opening ceremonies. We mean biz!

We took some white canvas shoes and used fabric markers by Crayloa to modify them with the tribal motif. 


Noelle's are above. Aren't they cute?

Kiyah is a week shy of being 10 months. She still isn't crawling. She is sooo close! She loves clapping. waving. rocking in crawling position. She says, "mama-mama" all the time now! Love her

Ryan in his Tribal costume!

Amanda and I are on Argon together. We are representing Forever 21. Wear it proud.

I look scary. crazy. and out of control. So fun though.

Zion loves being on our team! She was so excited to the events.

My pal, Sarah, brought her girls to hang out during youth. They were soooo cute!

Amber holding Kiyah.

Opening Ceremonies.

Kati hanging with the ladies.

The girls love the skate park......i mean....slide :)

I had to capture daddy and Zakiyah this morning. Two things to note:  yes she wore the outfit to bed.....didn't get home until 10. Second, snot dripping......bummer. Still cute though.

Happy Thursday. 
The sun is shining in Rochester. 
Pool and boat day.


  1. you're so good about pulling out your reg camera! ugh... doesn't even cross my mind!! also, Zion's faces killll me. the cuteness in some and major tude in others! and that waving pic of kiyah! to die!

    1. kelle hampton is my inspiration to using my dslr. i need to work on using my video cam way more though. I agree with you on the girls.....zion CRACKS me up. she is soooo dramatic and cute all at the same time. i love her! Miss you mucho!