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Monday, April 23, 2012

I am lovin'.....

Lately I have been lovin a few things...thought I would share them with you! I m in the middle of a great read by Kelle Hampton called Bloom.

I have been following Kelle's blog for 2 years now and I m hooked. She is a mama of 2 girls with her 2nd born having down syndrome. She is an amazing photographer and is so raw on the beauty of motherhood. She and her husband didn't know that their Nella had Downs until birth and she recently wrote a memoir on their journey. It has been an easy book to breeze through. I m almost done with it. I have had lots of tears with this one.......go prego hormones:)

Speaking of being pregnant, my skin has decided to hate me this time round. It seems so random to me to have skin be an issue..but mine is. I have rashes and flare ups out of no where. So all I have been using is my faithful Vanicream. unscented. natural and works like a charm. I get it at target....like everything else.

And its made in good ole Roch...its meant to be. Seriously, it is a life saver. face and bod....thank you Jesus for the lil things.

I always have the luxury of standing on my feet all day for work and when you are pregnant it can be even more uncomfortable. So,  I recently upgraded to some mighty comfy shoes that are of course I adore as well! I jumped on the "boat shoe" bandwagon( not the 300 lb. hairy chest, tan, Tommy bahama shirt wearing man).... But the 30 year old, hair stylist, pregnant , MN gal!
I m obsessed with rose gold jewelry so I thought I would add to my collection with some feet bling! They are more spendy but it is worth it. Between the justification of working and standing on my feet and caring my hus' offspring. I DESERVE> and they are plush. I went with the Sperry Topslider. These bad boys are my friend for a long time. We are still getting to know each other but we are going to be buddies.

At Tala, I use and sell the Awapuhi line by Paul Mitchell for many reasons. First, it smells amazing....Wild Ginger to be exact. It's more natural, not having many chemicals. Second, it is an affordable line providing amaze results. My current favorite product is the Shine Spray. I LOVE IT!

I use it for a finishing spray or while I m flat ironing hair to protect hair from the heat as well as add lots of shine. Plus, it smells so amazing! Often times, shine sprays can be really heavy but this one is great. U must try. It's only $20 and last foreva!

Lastly, I use all natural cleaning products in our home.

My current all purpose cleaner is by Method, and it is just lovely. The options they have for scents are amazing. For one, they don't give me a headache like most and they are so fresh. I have the Clementine and Grapefruit for home/salon. They only cost $3.99, I think. I usually get them on sale at Target. Love. Love Love.

Its all about the little things for me. and here are just a few of Christy favs......