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Showing posts with label I am lovin'. Show all posts

Monday, March 4, 2013

I am lovin'

I am lovin' a couple things in my living room right now that I had to share with you! Our living room is like living in a studio apt. Everything happens in this room. It is the central hub for my family of 4. We love spending time in this room. We intentionally do not have a TV on our main floor. So this room is the room we play, eat, talk, gather, build forts, cuddle with our girls, go on the computer, rest, and enjoy life! I recently added a few things that I wanted to share with you! I love myself a good ETSY purchase. I just got these pillow covers on there. I got the geometric triangle one and the quote one! Aren't they cute? I love the geometric shapes that are trending right now. The quote says, "Let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we can see." 

As I mentioned in my H54F, I have been creating a new gallery wall in my living room too! It is by my desk. I love it! I went outside the box and didn't just keep the pictures at eye level. I dropped it down and went for more of casual look. My sister, Chelsea talked me into doing it. I will post more this week on the details on the gallery! It has a lot of meaning to our family. 

Are you creating anything new for your space? Did you do anything fun over the weekend? I wanted to mention that I am going to start doing a GIVE AWAY monthly on the BLOG!!!!! If you start following me (under "followers" on my right side bar) I am going to give away a free hair product every month! Join! It will be fun!!!! I will be announcing  the first give away on March 30! Spread the news. Check back tomorrow for my favorite hair products and why! Happy Monday!!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I am lovin'

I am still dreaming of the day I get to attend or be apart of New York Fashion Week. I think the buzz and craziness of it all would be a blast! As us Minnesota folk are in the midst of winter wonderland, I am dreaming of spring. New looks. New color. 


Those are some words that I am loving right now for things that I have been drawn too. 

 The ombre' hair style is still popping up everywhere. 

I love the simpleness to this girls makeup. The 5 minute face. I like the warmth they picked for her cheeks and lip. Less is more.

Braids. Braids. Braids. I have been obsessed with these for 6 years now. Ever since Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie started the craze. I can't get enough of them. There are so many variations. I still can't get over how many of my clients don't know how to braid. I should teach a workshop on it. So many versions.....I love this updo. 

Love. Messy. Kept.....and obsessed with her purse. 

THis is a great alternative to the barrette or a pony. very bohemian.

Leather. Red Lips. Black sunnies. Starbux. need I say more. PERF.

My current hair inspiration! Length. Color. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. (See ya in 3 years) I love the denim, boots, leggings and scarf too. 

I have been obsessed with color blocking. Bright/ Neon colors for a couple years now. I can't get enough of the statement it makes. I am a lover of bright and cheerful clothing. Between the structure and lines that are in the clothes and the colors mixed with blacks and green. I heart it all. 

City life. Just like a Rochester stroll. Ha. But I adore the red jumper with the ankle boots. 

This outfit is the most like me! I love the polka dots and the mint pants. Gap has some right now that I have been lusting over. I love it. Flats and pearls are always a staple. 

What styles are you liking right now? Do you have a favorite color for 2013? 

(all images are from my Pinterest boards or google) 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Summer 2012 Hair I m Lovin'

Had my eye on some looks right now that I m a fan of...thought I would share.

obsessed with the bun! high bun to be exact, if only my hair was long. if you don't have much hair, try the  sock bun as shown below:

I m also loving short hair styles for women still. I think if the cut is done right, Short hair can look incredibly feminine and effortless! nothing better than dangly earrings and some fun short hair.

Aren't these fun?
And then there is always red hair that draws me in like no other. It is so distinct and more uncommon which I enjoy.

This is so 1960's classic. the long bob. the natural red tones.  I really LOVE the whole look. speaking of 60's, I really love using silk scarfs for something different when styling hair.

and you don't have to have long hair to pull this off. I do it all the time. It is a great alternative for bad hair days or days you don't wash etc.

not the best picture of my head wrap, but you get the concept. All you do is take a square scarf and fold it in half so its a triangle. Then fold it up, and tie the knot on top. I tuck the ends under the scarf. Its so fun and a great way to add color!

Isn't this updo Gorgeous? I love the simplicity of it. I have played around on some updos with this concept. It is just twisting or braiding it back and doing a messy bun. Easy, right? :) It can be hard if you haven't done many updos..but it is fun to try!

On to men, I love variations on this cut. I have done many different tweaks to this. It is the best of both worlds: having groomed sides and some length for the top. Yet, it is still biz profess! 

Oh Mad Men, how you have turned us on to a new era! Retro. Classic. Sophiscated. I love the 1960's look for men too. :) It is definitely a look that never leaves. Many men can pull this off. Whether it is for a one night out or daily wear.

I really like this look too. It is fun to have non clipper cuts done as well. Experimenting with some texture with the razor and being creative. This is a great look for a guy with a lot of hair that needs to typically be thinned out or texturized. 

A great cut for someone that wants some youthful edge!
What do you guys think? What looks are you liking? It is endless with ideas! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

I am lovin'.....

Lately I have been lovin a few things...thought I would share them with you! I m in the middle of a great read by Kelle Hampton called Bloom.

I have been following Kelle's blog for 2 years now and I m hooked. She is a mama of 2 girls with her 2nd born having down syndrome. She is an amazing photographer and is so raw on the beauty of motherhood. She and her husband didn't know that their Nella had Downs until birth and she recently wrote a memoir on their journey. It has been an easy book to breeze through. I m almost done with it. I have had lots of tears with this one.......go prego hormones:)

Speaking of being pregnant, my skin has decided to hate me this time round. It seems so random to me to have skin be an issue..but mine is. I have rashes and flare ups out of no where. So all I have been using is my faithful Vanicream. unscented. natural and works like a charm. I get it at target....like everything else.

And its made in good ole Roch...its meant to be. Seriously, it is a life saver. face and bod....thank you Jesus for the lil things.

I always have the luxury of standing on my feet all day for work and when you are pregnant it can be even more uncomfortable. So,  I recently upgraded to some mighty comfy shoes that are of course I adore as well! I jumped on the "boat shoe" bandwagon( not the 300 lb. hairy chest, tan, Tommy bahama shirt wearing man).... But the 30 year old, hair stylist, pregnant , MN gal!
I m obsessed with rose gold jewelry so I thought I would add to my collection with some feet bling! They are more spendy but it is worth it. Between the justification of working and standing on my feet and caring my hus' offspring. I DESERVE> and they are plush. I went with the Sperry Topslider. These bad boys are my friend for a long time. We are still getting to know each other but we are going to be buddies.

At Tala, I use and sell the Awapuhi line by Paul Mitchell for many reasons. First, it smells amazing....Wild Ginger to be exact. It's more natural, not having many chemicals. Second, it is an affordable line providing amaze results. My current favorite product is the Shine Spray. I LOVE IT!

I use it for a finishing spray or while I m flat ironing hair to protect hair from the heat as well as add lots of shine. Plus, it smells so amazing! Often times, shine sprays can be really heavy but this one is great. U must try. It's only $20 and last foreva!

Lastly, I use all natural cleaning products in our home.

My current all purpose cleaner is by Method, and it is just lovely. The options they have for scents are amazing. For one, they don't give me a headache like most and they are so fresh. I have the Clementine and Grapefruit for home/salon. They only cost $3.99, I think. I usually get them on sale at Target. Love. Love Love.

Its all about the little things for me. and here are just a few of Christy favs......