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Showing posts with label personal. Show all posts

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cass Life

I have been on a kick with bringing in greens/ succulents/ flowers into our home! I love how they make a space bright and homey! It is a great way to combat this cold Minnesota weather too! I have this succulent on a doily sitting on a crystal cake stand on my farm table!

I love doing crafts with my kiddos! A few weeks ago, my BFF and I made these eggs with our girls and let them paint them! She prepped the eggs, by baking them the night before. I had the branches in my greens outside. I love re-using them indoors. I had the moss ribbon and hemp and just wrapped it around the vase! I got the egg recipe HERE.

We love using cookie cutters as stencils (way cheaper than buying stencils). I bought 101 on Amazon for under $20. I put them in this basket from Target! Adorbs! I am on a mish right now creating a art/craft/office space! I am going to be putting all of our supplies in this room! Can't wait……

The girls have been sharing a room for a month now and loving it!!!! I am amazed at how smooth the transition has gone. I brought in Zakiyah's bunting in the room to add to the polka-dot bunting. I made the tassel garland too! I love their room!!!!!!

 Oh My WORD! These girls cruise the beat everyday….rain…or shine….or…..snow ;) Bundled and ready-- they go up and down the driveways in our hood! Zion is actually a really good driver! Thanks Grandma Loni for the perfect gift! They love their car!

I sure take a lot of pix of my ladies…but I mean… look at them. SOOOOOO CUTE.

I love this family pix! We were taking pix at church and had a friend take this one on their phone. Heart-overflowing….

My NOVA…. .exploring everyday. running wild. talking jiberious. holding her babies. obsessed with smacking her lips and pretending to eat her play food. She is the best!

My Zi wearing my dress from my 5th Easter! My mom made this for me! circa 1987  I love this keepsake. Zion is drawing princesses everyday, obsessed with Tangeld and Frozen. Singing and putting on shows! She has the imagination I dream of having.

 I drew this camper on our chalkboard wall, and Zion copied with her version of one. Pretty good!

Loving the season.
Loving creating and laughing.
Loving using our imaginations.
If you would like to come shop at Elsa's boutique or come to watch a ballet performance in our living room, let me know! :)

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Thank You Jesus it is Friday

Crazy Cass LIFE. 
I have been neglecting the bloglife. I love having this space for my writing and logging our life….. staying inspired and connecting with you……but, sometimes I get tired. I think it is the month 6 of winter syndrome. I need Spring. I don't want to space to be vent/crab fest…so I have been keeping my thoughts to myself…. :) 
All in All, many things to be thankful for.  This past week was busy at Tala and the homefront. Here are a few pix. ( Linking up with Lauren and Jeanett

Donuts with my best friend. Why is it so hard to even make time for our favorite people………Much needed girlfriend time while our children ran around. 

Princess clothes and apple slices.

I am excited to have Easter later in the season this year- maybe it will be more Spring like. Painting eggs :) in swimsuits, of course.

Iced coffee and snow pants playing with sidewalk chalk. #mnprobs

A BEFORE pix of a corner I am working on (revamping) in my living room. I had Andy hang up this shelf for me! I want this to be a reading/coffee nook. 

 I am also working on Zion's bedroom right now. I made the tassel garland this week! Zakiyah has successfully slept in the pack-n-play for 4 nights! We are moving the girls into the same room to make room for a office/art studio/guest room ;) 

My ladies sharing a room! 

Spring nails. LOVE!

Happy Friday friends.

random: is there anything you want to see on this blog? any post ideas? fav things that I share…. I would love to hear your thoughts…… Please leave a comment below! 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Taking time to be thankful.

I found this image on Pinterest and love what it says.

Yet, profound. 

Man, we are blessed.
Overwhelmed lately with gratitude.
Thankful for my husband.
Thankful for my z pies.
Seriously, this season…… raising littles is pretty awesome.
Somedays are harder than others. Somedays just play rock.

Lately, I have been soaking in the moments. Cuddling with Kiyah. She is our little monster! Zakiyah invented the word, "explore." She learned how to open the oven this weekend! She stands on her rocking horse, or any table for that matter. She follows her sister in everything! She loves dried cranberries and anything sweet! She gives the best hugs and her giggle is contagious. She is going to out run us anyday now. Zakiyah Nova- our blessing.

Zion is growing up before our eyes. I can not believe that she will be 4 in a couple of weeks here! I took her on a date over the weekend, to celebrate her helpful heart and giving spirit. I figured it was time to celebrate and show her I appreicate her! She is my little helper everyday! From cleaning the studio with me, to emptying the dishwasher, to making her bed, she rocks at helping her mama. She says "yuv you" fifty times a day. She loves painting nails and using her imagination. Everything is magic in this house. She is so excited to have a Tinkerbell party. I love that we are turning the four year old corner in life….. more grown up…..less tantrums….. amen and amen

The Hus and I have been together for 12 crazy years- what the? Where did the time go? I am still lucky to call him my BFF and my partner in this life. He continues to challenge me and make me a better woman. We couldn't be any more opposite but it somehow works for us. Thankful for his sense of humor, his consistency in EVERYTHING, his opproach at life, his leadership in our family. Love you hus…...

The girls love watching daddy sing and play. It is one of my favorite casslife things we do.


Cass girls sandwich. The best. I love how Z/Z are buddies. IN IT FOR LIFE is what I always tell them.